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The prototypes for clreol( ) and clrscr( ) are in <conio.h>. The clreol( ) function clears from the current cursor position to the end of the line in the active text window. The cursor position remains unchanged. The clrscr( ) function clears the entire active text window and locates the cursor in the upper-left corner (1,1).
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user acceptance testing (UAT) The portion of software testing where end users test software programs for correct functional operation and usability. User Datagram Protocol (UDP) The connectionless protocol used in the TCP/IP suite of protocols used to transport messages from one station to another over a network. user ID An identifier that is created by a system manager and issued to a user for the purpose of identification or authentication. utility software The broad class of programs that support the development or use of networks, systems, and applications. Utility software is most often used by IT specialists whose responsibilities include some aspect of system development, support, or operations. V.35 A standard protocol for sending serial data between computers.
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Operating Rates
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The Humanities
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Part A
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Explanation This deletes the class or object. The only way to retrieve it again is to use the undo button. This cuts the class or object and puts it in the MS Windows clipboard. To retrieve the object again, use paste or CTRL-V.
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Use Time-Sensitive Vocabulary to Increase Urgency
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Router(config)# interface type [slot_#/]port_# Router(config-if)# ip ospf cost cost_value
Ground rod 5/8" dia. 8' copper clad
Network Interconnection Technologies and Testing
Blu-ray Disc Demystified
18.5.2 Base station service testing
As shown in Figures 19-13, the initial drill screen does not necessarily contain all the dimensions or levels by which you can drill; more data may exist within the microcube. Ideally, these additional drill-by details are still at a reasonably aggregated level for the most frequently performed analysis. With Drill Through To Detail, you can further expand the data in the microcube by expanding the scope of analysis. In this respect, drill through lets you expand the cube with still more detail rows or less frequently used drill-by dimensions than what was stored in the original cube. Expanding the scope of analysis modifies the query and retrieves a new full set of data; the microcube is rebuilt. Therefore, you want to reserve drill-through for retrieving less frequently used details and dimensions. To invoke the Scope Of Analysis dialog, drill down to a level of detail not immediately available in the document. Web Intelligence indicates if your drill-down will generate a New Query in the pop-up menu. In the following example, you are drilling from Year to Quarter. Quarter does not exist in the microcube.
ISO 9660 succeeds very nicely in bridging various platforms and creating media that can be distributed without concern for the playback equipment. The limitations, of course, are that the le naming restrictions and other conventions are quite restrictive. Macintosh users don t like losing their icon-based work environment. UNIX users resent losing long lenames, deep directory depths, and permissions. HyCD, Inc. (formerly Creative Digital Research) addressed this problem with their product HyCD Publisher, a CD-R premastering application that produces multi-platform hybrid discs. Discs burned in the hybrid format supported by this program can be read by machines under Windows 95/98/NT, DOS, the latest versions of UNIX (including SGI IRIX 6.5 and Sun Solaris 2.6), and the MacOS, while still retaining the familiar operating environment of each platform. In other words, the disc format allows the simultaneous use of Joliet for Windows 95, plain vanilla ISO 9660 for Windows 3.11 and DOS users, ISO 9660 with the RockRidge extensions for UNIX, and HFS Macintosh complete with desktop icons. HyCD, Inc. has focused their attention on developing a product that spans platforms, so it s a natural conclusion that the premastering appli-
With the RTO and RPO identified, XYZ can now plan the details of its recovery. The XYZ disaster recovery plan is broken into three distinct categories: Configuring for component redundancy Prevents component outage caused by downed servers due to equipment failure, such as failed power supplies, network cards, and so on. Planning for site failover Enables users to be routed from one site to another when a disaster such as fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, or power loss occurs. Defining a component backup plan Prevents logical error and user error due to viruses, database corruption, or an administrator accidentally deleting configurations.
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