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Bob Irvine Gordon Innes Hewlett-Packard, Ltd., South Queensferry, Scotland
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An important aspect of maintenance is retro t. An overview of retro t methods is presented here. Retro t may be de ned as strengthening or upgrading the structural quality of a bridge to enhance its performance. For example, when there is a need for seismic criteria to be implemented for a bridge that was originally designed for wind forces only, it needs to be retro tted with multi-rotational or seismic isolation bearings. Similarly, foundations may be retro tted by underpinning. Common retro t concepts apply to seismic retro t or upgrading underwater countermeasures. Uncommon retro t concepts are foundation under pinning using mini-piles. Bearing retro t: Problems with some of the damaged bearings appear to be: Locking up or freezing such that no movement is possible. This situation results in overstress at the end of the girder, such that a failure may occur Shear cracks may be caused by a frozen bearing Similarly, roller action may be blocked due to dirt Water and salt penetration gives rise to rust and corrosion. Eventually, the girder may settle. Any existing damaged or seismically de cient bearing which does not allow rotation and translation during a seismic event will need to be retro tted or replaced. Steel retro ts or replacement: It is recommended to replace existing A7 steel with ASTM A709M Grade 250 or Grade 345 whenever possible. FCM zone 2 steel should be used for FCM members. Seismic retro t by replacing rocker and roller bearings or extending bearing seats Upgrading scour countermeasures Painting structural steel. Available options: 1. No build option Structure is in advanced stage of deterioration condemn the bridge and just post the load limits Low traf c volume and/or no money available
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Simplified SELECT Syntax
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The Stream Class
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Creating an Analytic Chart Report
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STP (shielded twisted pair) A two-pair cabling medium encased
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Circuit Analysis Demysti ed
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Business Writing for Results
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
In this example, you can see that the connected device is a 2621 series router running IOS 12.2(15)T9 and has an IP address of configured on the connected interface. To list the details of a specific neighbor, use this command:
StdState StdMajor StdClass StdGPA StdZip IS SR 4.00 98114-1332
17 21 29 38 51 68 102 136 178 208 242 280 327 378
A mesh network is a network of equipment, called nodes, where each node directly communicates with multitudes of other nodes to create a network. Each node in a mesh network serves as an ingress and egress point for network traffic, and the traffic flows through the network by hoping from one node to another node. The term mesh signifies a key defining characteristic of the network, namely the existence of independent redundant data paths from one node to the other. For example, a tree network is not considered a mesh network because it lacks redundant data paths between nodes. Mesh also implies a generic topological structure where most nodes communicate directly with more than two other nodes. A mesh network can be a regular mesh where nodes are interconnected to create a well-defined topological structure, such as a rectangular mesh network. A mesh network can also be an irregular mesh where nodes are interconnected without any topological rules and in a seemingly random fashion. Figure 9.4 illustrates regular and irregular mesh networks.
4(8 x) 1/3 dx
surface, expression for, 145 146 synthesis of motion, B-splines in, 144 152 Three-dimensional cams. See 3-D cams 3-4-5 polynomial curves in dwell-rise-dwell cam, 58t, 91 92, 92f, 93, 94t, 95f dynamic characteristics of, 405f, 406f in polydyne design, 439, 440 443 3-4-5-6-7 polynomial curves, 102 Time charts in graphical layout method, 160, 161f uses of, 18, 18f Timing diagrams. See Time charts TK Solver software, 563 Tolerances accumulated error and, 296 extreme, jerk and, 296 probabilistic error and, 294, 294f, 295f typical, 291 Toolmakers, input from, 25 Torque, 219 220, 228 236 in cycloidal curve, 230, 231f in at-faced followers, 230 232, 231f in roller followers, 228 230, 230f, 308 309 in simple harmonic curves, 230, 231f in sine curve, modi ed, 230, 231f Torque-controlled cams, 232 235, 233f, 234f Torque-controlled wrapping cams, 235 236 Torque curve, in cam-follower design, 21 Torsional ratcheting microactuator, 514 516, 516f, 517f Torsional springs, 334, 334f Trace point, 18, 19f, 162f Transition point, 17f, 18, 19 Translating cams characteristics of, 5f, 6, 7f linear ball bearings for, 222, 222f Translating at-faced followers curvature of, 190, 190f, 191f pressure angle forces in, 168 169, 168f, 189 190 torque in, 230 232, 231f Translating knife-edge follower curvature of, 191f, 192 pressure angle of, 191f, 192 relevance of, 190 192 Translating roller follower pressure angle forces in, 163 166, 164f, 166f torque in, 228 230, 230f, 308 309 Trapezoidal cam, acceleration DRS of, 402, 403f
The output from the program is shown here:
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