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If you re photographing a timed event, take several pictures of the action as the clock winds down. If you re photographing an event such as a triathlon, bicycle, or automobile race, take several pictures as the athletes cross the finish line, as shown in Figure 5-5.
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Here is a sample program that uses multiple base classes:
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The basic rule is the more secure it is, the less convenient it is to use and the greater impact (negative) it will have on overall system performance. The strength of an encryption mechanism is dependent upon the complexity of the calculation and the length of the key. The most popular mechanism for which hardware is readily available is Data Encryption Standard (DES), developed by IBM and now standardized. The basic key is 54 bits long. Triple DES involves simply running the algorithm with a 112-bit key. The question here is as always How secure do you need to be The more secure, the larger the key used (or the more times the algorithm is run with different keys). This all takes time to encode and to decode. Much has been made lately of the fact that by using thousands of computers, a DES encoded message could be broken in 39 days. Keep in mind that this is for one key. If we change keys, it would take the crackers and hackers another 39 days. Are they (hackers and competitors) motivated to do this The method mentioned above used the brute force attack of guessing keys. Changing keys often means that the attackers must start all over again. The other encryption standard (not widely supported) is IDEA, which uses 128-bit keys. The second basic rule is that encryption performed in hardware is much faster than in software.
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THE C++ BUILDER FUNCTION LIBRARY unlock(fd, 0, 128); code 39 generator source
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Plesiochronous PHY
Figure 3.24 Structural analysis in alternative views. (Image courtesy of Tekla.)
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Radio to Radio Interference
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You need to remember that 2n rad = 360'.
The PCI Appendix A
In the query, pay special attention to the select clause:
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