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As is apparent, all preprocessor directives begin with a # sign. Each will be examined here in turn.
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Viewing Active Translations
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Client Software Configuration Windows 2003 Server w/Service Pack 1 Citrix ICA Program Neighborhood Version 9.00.32649 30 ICA sessions exist on each machine
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None direction direction indicates the writing direction to be used in the rendering of an element.
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Cursor to start of line Cursor to start of text Cursor to end of frame Cursor to end of line Cursor to end of text Select all text Select character to left Select character to right Select down one frame Select down one line Select down one paragraph Select up one frame Select up one line Select up one paragraph Select word to left Select word to right Select to start of frame Select to start of line Select to start of frame Select to end of frame Select to end of line Select to end of text
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Depending on the type of math used to describe a vector path, nodes (points) connect a beginning and end point. Each of the nodes has control handles, at the end of which are control points; this is the screen element you use to manipulate curves. The number of control handles and points depends on the segment connected by each node. For example, an arc (a curve) connected to a straight line segment has one control handle visible and it controls the slope of the curve segment. When two curve segments are connected, you ll see two control handles if you click the connecting node with the Shape Tool. This node can have different connection properties (cusp, smooth, and so on described later in this chapter). A straight path segment can be described as two nodes connecting the segment and the control handles for the nodes coincide in position with the node itself. For all intents and purposes, the control handles can t be seen; they become visible when the segment is changed to a curved segment: the control handles appear on the segment and you can move them away from the launch point of the curve and then freely manipulate the slope of the curve by dragging the control points.
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FIGURE 6.CP6 ERD for Conversion Problem 6
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Data Table 1
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PROJECT 6: Expanded-Scale Analog Battery Monitor
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A Program with Two Functions
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