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/* Compute the initial investment needed to attain a known future value given annual rate of return and the time period in years. */ using System; class InitialInvestment { static void Main() { decimal initInvest; // initial investment decimal futVal; // future value
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// Use select to return the square root of all positive values // in an array of doubles. using System; using System.Linq; class SelectDemo { static void Main() {
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Some general properties you can define for clientless access include the following:
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Included files can have #include directives in them. This is referred to as nested includes. For example, this program, shown with its include files, includes a file that includes another file:
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A Better Universe
The 5-C Coaching Method follows five distinct stages: The developer and learner reach agreements about coaching goals, the methodology, and the premise of their relationship by discussing these questions:
Configuration A:
Even though this chapter provides an introduction and overview of networks, topologies, and security, expect to see a few questions on the exam related to this material. Designing and maintaining networks includes factors such as cost, speed, topology type, scalability, reliability, and availability. Certain kinds of traffic, such as VoIP and video, are sensitive to delay and latency and therefore your design should include QoS features to deal with these types of traffic. The kinds of network components you ll see in a network include routers, switches, bridges, hubs, and security appliances such as firewalls and IPS/IDS security appliances. These devices can be in different geographic locations: mobile user, SOHO, branch office, and/or central or corporate office. Connecting these involves using a WAN service(s). Ethernet is based on a logical bus topology, but it can use a physical bus, star, or point-topoint topology. Because most attacks are internal attacks, special planning is needed to deal with physical threats: hardware, electrical, environmental, and maintenance. The three basic kinds of external attacks are reconnaissance, access, and DoS. Easy-to-implement DoS attacks involve flooding a network with thousands or millions of packets, such as a TCP SYN flood attack.
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