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aaa authentication Specifies where to find user accounts and/or password for authentication; this is not required if using enabled passwords for Privilege EXEC access. aaa authorization command Enables command authorization and the use of the privileges defined in the privilege command.
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This code fragment reads a string and a float number from the stream fp:
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Once you have created a stream, one way to associate it with a file is by using open( ). This function is a member of each of the three stream classes. The prototype for each is shown here: void ifstream::open(const char *filename, ios::openmode mode = ios::in); void ofstream::open(const char *filename, ios::openmode mode = ios::out | ios::trunc); void fstream::open(const char *filename, ios::openmode mode = ios::in | ios::out); Here, filename is the name of the file; it can include a path specifier. The value of mode determines how the file is opened. It must be one or more of the values defined by openmode, which is an enumeration defined by ios (through its base clase ios_base). ios::app ios::ate ios::binary ios::in ios::out ios::trunc You can combine two or more of these values by ORing them together.
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is likely to continue to be regarded as being more cumbersome than other techniques. At present, the mainstay market for retinal scanning continues to be for door access control. The high accuracy achieved by these systems makes them ideal for military and special purpose government use. The somewhat limited use (relative to other biometrics) resulted in retinal scanning being one of the more expensive biometrics with per unit costs of $2,000 to $2,500. However, EyeDentify has started to offer less costly scanners intended for desktop and general use. And in 2001 a new company, Retinal Technologies (Boston, Massachusetts) joined the market, striving to broaden the applications for retinal scanning into more general authentication and identification markets by offering portable, inexpensive scanner technology. (For more information, go to http:// EyeDentify s Icam scanners use a low power (approximately 7mA) light source to gently illuminate the retina. The lighting must be sufficient to penetrate the eye and provide consistent imaging with a full range of contrast, but it should not be so bright as to be distressing to the user. The light source provides some visible light but mostly consists of near infrared light (890nm wavelength). Infrared light is necessary because the retina is transparent to these wavelengths. The scanner captures the entire retinal and subsequent image segmentation and the isolation and registration of the portion of the image necessary for recognition, locates the optic nerve, and samples an area band around it. This process creates a 96-byte template for each enrolled individual. The EyeDentify stand-alone identification systems have an advertised storage capacity for 3,000 individuals. The devices provide both Wiegand and serial (RS232) interfaces. The Wiegand interface allows the device to communicate with door systems, and the serial interface enables communication to computers and networks. These basic interfaces make the device a powerful access control system for stand-alone, single door applications and also provides integrators the opportunity to use the device as part of larger networked security applications. An example of a larger networked application might be the security of an entire campus or large facility with hundreds of doors.
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A nullable object can be used in expressions that are valid for its underlying type. Furthermore, it is possible to mix nullable objects and non-nullable objects within the same expression. This works because of the predefined conversion that exists from the underlying type to the nullable type. When non-nullable and nullable types are mixed in an operation, the outcome is a nullable value. The following program illustrates the use of nullable types in expressions:
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would be needed to compress 4 liters of gas at 760 torr to 1 liter of gas. (Assume the temperature remains constant.)
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There is a sudden abundance of people and firms doing EV work. This category is an attempt to present you with the firms and individuals from whom you can expect either a completed EV or assistance with completing one.
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viscous (speed-dependent) damping, 343 344 limitations of, 358 359 lumped parameter modeling, 316 317 mass, equivalent, in, 329 332 of natural frequency complex systems, 319 321 model reduction, 321 324 simple systems, 317 319, 318f suf ciency of, 321, 323 one-degree-of-freedom, adequacy of, 358, 400, 407, 449 purpose of, 316 selection criteria for, 316 sources on, 317 of springs, 331 342 coil springs, 334 335, 335f equivalent springs, 340 341, 340f linear, usefulness of, 331 332 mass in, 341 342, 341f nonlinear, 333 spring combination, 338 340, 338f, 339f valve-gear system, automotive, 348 354 of vibration in elastic camshaft one-degree-of-freedom, 374 384 two-degrees-of-freedom, 384 386, 385f four-degrees-of-freedom, 386 389, 386f, 387f, 390f, 391f multi-degrees-of-freedom, 389 395, 392f, 393f, 395f in rigid camshaft one-degree-of-freedom, 360 370, 361f, 363f, 364f, 365f two-degrees-of-freedom, 327f, 370 371 Mode shapes, 320 Modi ed curves. See Combination of curves Moment of inertia of body, 327 328 kinetic energy and, 325 moving to other points, 329 in planar contours, 184 185 in solid regions, 186 Motion, as design criteria, 2, 3f MOTOR DRIVE software, 564 Motor(s), micro electrostatic, 522 523, 522f, 523f electrostatic comb drive, 523, 524f microindexing, 514, 515f microvibromotor, 520 521, 521f Sandia microengine, 524, 525f Mountings, for roller followers, 306, 307f
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
2 F O U N D A T I O N S O F C A L C U L U S
A DHCP server will not function on a router unless it has an IP address
angle of attack.
The compact form of a power transmission is to use a gearbox between your motors and wheels. Earlier, we talked about using gearmotors for robots. A gearmotor consists of a gearbox mounted to an electric motor. Inside the gearbox are gears, shafts, bearings, oil/grease, and a rigid case. A gearbox consists of precisely designed components. Within a gearbox there are various configurations of gears to obtain the speed reduction. The common methods consists of spurs gears, planetary gears, helical gears, worm gears (shown in Figure 6-10), or some combination of these gears.
ne of the hardest things about learning a programming language is the fact that no element exists in isolation. Rather, the components of the language work together. It is this interrelatedness that makes it difficult to discuss one aspect of C++ without involving another. To help overcome this problem, this chapter provides a brief overview of several core C++ features, including the general form of a C++ program, some simple control statements, variables, and operators. It does not go into too many details, but rather concentrates on the general concepts common to all C++ programs. Most of the topics presented here are examined more closely in later chapters. Since learning is best accomplished by doing, it is recommended that you work through the examples using your computer.
Subinterface numbers can range from 1 to well over 100 million. What number you choose as the subinterface number doesn t matter; it needs to be unique only among all of the subinterfaces for a given physical interface. The router uses this
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