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Figure 6-13
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New ethernet layers
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You can view or refresh a shortcut, but you may not save changes to the underlying document. If the original document is later deleted, the shortcut pointer remains but the icon becomes a blank piece of paper.
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MMExitClick; MMCoordClick; MMChangeClick; MMRestoreClick;
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Prestressed concrete bridge over Gm nd Tauern motorway Rheinbr cke bridge over Rhine River Near H chst, Vorarlberg
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and then performs its forwarding function. The bridge examines the destination MAC address in the frame header and looks for a corresponding entry in the port address table. If the bridge finds a matching entry, the bridge forwards the frame out of the specified port. If the port is the same port on which the frame was received (the source and destination are connected to the same port), the bridge drops the frame. If the bridge Remember that these doesn t find an entry, or if the destination MAC three types of traf c are always ooded: address is a broadcast or multicast address, the unknown unicast addresses, broadcasts, bridge floods the frame out all of the remaining and multicasts. ports.
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The DocumentTime function returns the time the Web Intelligence document was last saved.
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Many C/C++ statements rely on a conditional expression that determines what course of action is to be taken. The conditional expression evaluates to either a true or false value. Unlike many other computer languages that specify special values for true and false, a true value in C/C++ is any nonzero value, including negative numbers. A false value is zero. This approach to true and false allows a wide range of routines to be coded very efficiently. C++ also defines the values true and false, which stand for the two Boolean values, but they are not supported by the C subset. See Part Three for details.
Again the load is lagging so the angle is = cos 1 (0.8) = 37 The impedance is Z= Hence Z = 203.65 + j153.46 We can model the load as a resistor with R = 203.65 in series with an inductor. Taking = 100 we have L = 153, 153 L= = 1.53 H 100 Next we consider an example with a capacitive load. EXAMPLE 10-6 A current i(t) = 40 cos(100t + 20 ) is delivered to a capacitor C = 1/10. Find the instantaneous and average power. SOLUTION The phasor representation of the current is I = I0 i = 40 20 For a capacitor we have the relation in frequency space V= 1 I j C 300 0 V = = 255 37 = 255e j37 I 0.83( 2) 37
1. Start by selecting an object using the Pick Tool. Then choose the Interactive Drop
Fig. 1-9 A current source.
Understand the exercise to prepare for similar scenarios on summarization examples in this section and the real exam. practice summarization in the following
1. Insert the PC Access CD into your CD- or DVD-ROM drive. 2. From the Start menu, select Run. 3. Type <drive>:setup. For example, if the CD is in your D drive, you d type D:setup. 4. You ll be prompted for your company name (optional) and serial number (located on the back of the CD-ROM envelope). 5. Next, the setup program prompts you for a location where PC Access will be installed. If you re okay with the default location selected by the setup program, click Next. Otherwise, select Browse and find your preferred location.
Installing Electr onics
Light Sources and Detectors
River meander Locate bridges on straight reaches of streams between bends. Braided channels
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