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If your database supports ANSI 92, you should set this parameter to YES for each universe. 1. Select Parameter from the toolbar or File | Parameters from the pull-down menus. 2. Select the Parameter tab. 3. From the list of available parameters, select ANSI92.
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In the preceding example, it is not actually necessary to use the pointer variable p. Instead, you can simply precede i with an & when f( ) is called. (This, of course, will cause the address of i to be generated.) The revised program is shown here:
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Networking Through the Internet Using System.Net
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// Use InRange() with MyClass. if(InRange(new MyClass(2), mcs)) Console.WriteLine("MyClass(2) is if(InRange(new MyClass(1), mcs)) Console.WriteLine("MyClass(1) is if(InRange(new MyClass(4), mcs)) Console.WriteLine("MyClass(4) is if(!InRange(new MyClass(0), mcs)) Console.WriteLine("MyClass(0) is if(!InRange(new MyClass(5), mcs)) Console.WriteLine("MyClass(5) is } }
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Web Intelligence allows you to insert special fields for commonly used document information such as document name, last refresh date, and page numbers. You can access additional document information through report formulas. With report formulas, for example, you can create a formula to display either the original document author (DocumentAuthor) or the user logged in to BusinessObjects Enterprise (CurrentUser). Refer to 22 for additional instructions on report formulas. In the following example, you will add two cells to display a last refresh date and a page number: 1. From the Report toolbar, select View Page Layout. 2. Scroll to the Footer area.
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N STSs N DS3 N T1s
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For example, if you have one serial connection clocked at 1544 Kbps and another clocked at 256 Kbps and you don t change OSPF uses cost as the bandwidth values, OSPF will see both a metric, which is the inverse of the connections as 1544 Kbps and attempt to bandwidth of a link. use both when reaching a single destination across these links. This can create throughput problems when the router is performing load balancing half of the connections will go down one link and half down the other, creating congestion problems for the 256 Kbps connection.
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SDLC Phases
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DECIBEL ABOVE 1 W The term dB is used for optical power referenced to 1 microwatt ( W). Thus, output power dB 1- W input
Right angle trigonometry is closely related to the circle. Figure 8-8 shows a circle on a right angle coordinate system with a radius and the projection of that radius on both the x- and y-axes. The radius is 1. If the angle is measured counterclockwise f om the x-axis (mathematicians always measure angles counterclockwise), then the sine and cosine are defrned as:
Figure 5-4: The LRN in use
Fig. 1.42
Ill 9-23
Part I:
Microwave (9 minutes/day) Toaster (5 minutes/day) Blender (30 seconds/day) Coffee grinder (15 seconds/day) Refrigerator 2" insulation 4" insulation
Exploring the C# Library
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