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self-referencing relationship A self-referencing (unary) relationship involves connections a m o n g members o f the same set. Self-referencing relationships are sometimes called reflexive relationships because they are like a reflection in a mirror. Figure 5.13 displays two self-referencing relation ships involving the ships depict types that are the same
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Figure 18-9. User session options
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Applications are the reason that we need an application delivery platform. It makes little sense to go through the expense and trouble of planning for an enterprise implementation until you know that your organization s applications will run adequately within
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However, there is a difference when they are used in an expression. When an increment or decrement operator precedes its operand, C performs the increment or decrement operation prior to obtaining the operand s value. If the operator follows its
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Signal transitions within a track
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I ve saved the second dirty little secret of digital photo printing for the last because it s a drag. It s this: Your camera, monitor, and printer don t see eye-to-eye, or lens to screen, on how colors should look. If your prints colors consistently look different from how they look on the screen, you need to calibrate your equipment. Monitors, printers, and cameras all use different methods to record and express color. The monitor, for example, uses additive colors in the form of red, blue, and green lights. The printer uses subtractive black, yellow, cyan, and blue dyes or pigments. You need to get them to agree on what it means for an object to be a full, rich red or a somber blue. Now, if your printer output appears to match your screen output, there s no problem. But if not, then check out the sites listed at the end of this chapter. They will take you places that will explain the fairly esoteric technique of color matching. At most, it means you ll have to calibrate in other words, you ll need to change some of the adjustments on your monitor, which you can do using Adobe Gamma, a program that comes with Photoshop Elements. At the least it means finding color management files and adding them to the properties for your monitor and printer. (Sometimes a camera will have equivalent color management selections.) I hesitate to even bring this up because it s very geeky and the type of thing that can drive even geeks mad in their quest for an absolutely perfectly calibrated system. There ain t no such thing. Colors will always be a bit off, and your monitor in particular will change as the phosphors in the screen dim, requiring further calibration. If this sounds like fun to you or if you really have a serious color-matching problem check the following links and knock yourself out.
Test Profiles
If the exposure is long enough, you can move a flashlight back and forth across the side of your model s hair to paint some light into the picture.
This section covers the basics of enabling IPv6 on your router, assigning IPv6 addresses to your interfaces, and enabling RIPng.
PrePackaged Solutions 15 Signed Contracts 25% 25 pts 120% 30
Selection of the appropriate UDF version to apply is also a useful addition to the Preferences options. Individual settings are available for the UDF version for CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, as well as the UDF version for DVD-Video. Support for ISO/UDF hybrid discs also makes it easier to handle le system issues as UDF support continues to become more prevalent.
PSK Modulation. Most higher-speed modems use phase shift keying (PSK) to modulate the carrier. In PSK, different phases of a waveform represent different bits (Figure 3.10). In its simplest form, 2-PSK, two phases are used (usually 0 and 180 degrees) to represent the bits 0 and 1. By increasing the number of shifts used, more information can be represented by each shift. For example, 8-PSK uses eight phases. Because 8 = 23, each shift therefore can represent not just one but three bits at a time (000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110, and 111). An 8-PSK modem can provide a data rate three times that of a 2-PSK modem. Over standard phone lines, this rate works out to 4.8 kbps. QAM Modulation. By shifting both phase and amplitude, using a technique called Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM), even more shift options can be created and further increase the number of bits that can be represented by each shift. The 16-QAM technique allows four bits to be represented by each shift and provides data rates of 9.6 kbps over standard phone lines. Other QAM levels are used to achieve the data rates used by digital radio transmission systems (discussed below). The V.29 constellation in Figure 3.10 is an example of QAM modulation. 3.2.5 ISDN
17: IOS Device Management
that the header content type matches the content in the body (data), and that the content type field in the response matches the accept field value in the request message Looks for a match with a regular expression(s) in the arguments of a request Looks for a body size that exceeds this number of bytes in a request message Looks for a match with regular expression(s) in the body of a request Looks for the specified field in the header of a request (see the preceding paragraph about header options you can specify) Looks for the specified RFC or extended method in a request message (see the preceding paragraph about methods you can specify) Looks for the URI portion of a request that exceeds the specified number of bytes (basically a long URL) Looks for a regular expression(s) in the URI portion of a request message Looks for an ActiveX script tag in the body of a response Looks for a Java script tag in the body of a response Looks for the response body that exceeds this number of bytes Looks for a regular expression(s) in the body of a response request (see the preceding paragraph about header options you can specify)
After making this change, the program produces the following output:
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