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6 weeks postpartum. Vena caval filter should be considered in those with recurrent embolization What is septic pelvic thrombophlebitis It is thrombosis in the veins of the pelvis because of infection. About 90% of cases occur after a cesarean delivery; however, the incidence is low, affecting 1:2000 pregnancies. It is a diagnosis of exclusion for postpartum fever The pelvic veins (most commonly the ovarian veins) Continuous and wide-swinging fevers (from normal to 105.8 F) in the puerperium and which do not respond to antibiotics A pelvic examination is often not helpful for diagnosis. A chest x-ray may reveal multiple, small septic emboli. CT and MRI should be considered for diagnosis. Treatment includes a combination of antibiotics and heparin Septic pulmonary emboli Extension of the venous clot in the pelvis Renal vein thrombosis Ureteral obstruction Death
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The proper version of Area( ) is called for each shape.
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Temperature Rating of Conductor Insulation Size AWG 60 C 140 F 75 C 167 F 80 C 176 F 90 C 194 F 105 C 221 F 125 C 257 F 200 C 392 F qr code reader free
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Fig. 8.30
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singular: duele plural: duelen Me duelen los o dos. Le duele la espalda. My ears hurt me. His back hurts.
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Figure 6-11. EdgeSight network monitoring
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Figure 10-12 This is a report featuring a parameter and a matrix control that allows users to expand members to lower levels of detail.
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Eight years ago, a 48-year-old Latin female had a pigmented lesion on her left anterior thigh excised. Unfortunately, the lab report with the diagnosis was lost. Three years ago the lesion recurred in the same spot and has been getting progressively darker. The patient did not remember the name of the doctor who did the excision or the lab where the specimen was sent. 1. The lesion was excised with a histopathologic diagnosis of tumoral melanosis (TM). The margins were free and there was no evidence of melanoma. No further surgery or work-up is indicated. 2. Clinically and dermoscopically this should be considered a regressed melanoma even without histopathologic proof. 3. Widespread regression is diagnostic of melanoma. 4. The irregular black blotch with foci of bluish-white color is diagnostic of melanoma. 5. Reticular depigmentation is seen within and outside of the lesion and has no diagnostic significance.
What are the developmental stages of early pregnancy Fertilization and cleavage result in a zygote (an 8-cell mass) which then divides to form the morula (a 16-cell mass) 3 days after fertilization. A blastocyst develops and implantation occurs approximately 10 days after fertilization. An embryonic disk develops after the first week and a yolk sac after 5 weeks Amnion Chorion (with villi composed of syncytial trophoblasts and cytotrophoblasts) Decidua parietalis (endometrium) Myometrium (undergoes hyperplasia early in pregnancy with subsequent hypertrophy and distension) Serosa (See Fig. 8-1) How does the timing of division affect the development of monozygotic twins If division occurs <72 hours: two embryos, two amnions, two chorions ( di-di ) If division occurs between 4-7 days: two embryos, two amnions, one chorion ( mono-di ) If division occurs after 7 days: one shared amnion and chorion ( mono-mono )
// Copy an array. using System; class CopyDemo { static void Main() { int[] source = { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }; int[] target = { 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 }; int[] source2 = { -1, -2, -3, -4, -5 }; // Display source. Console.Write("source: "); foreach(int i in source) Console.Write(i + " "); Console.WriteLine(); // Display original target. Console.Write("Original contents of target: "); foreach(int i in target) Console.Write(i + " "); Console.WriteLine(); // Copy the entire array. Array.Copy(source, target, source.Length); // Display copy. Console.Write("target after copy: foreach(int i in target) Console.Write(i + " "); Console.WriteLine();
1. C. VLANs are location-independent, assuming the devices are connected via layer 2. A, B, and D are true, and thus incorrect answers. 2. A and D. When using switches, to logically segregate traffic, use VLANs. To control access between them, use a router with ACLs. B is incorrect because hubs place people in the same broadcast domain. C is incorrect because filtering at layer 3 is more manageable than layer 2. 3. A connection that supports multiple VLANS is called a trunk. 4. A. 802.1Q, because it supports a native VLAN, can use point-to-point and multipoint (hub) connections. B is false, since the 2960 does support it. C is incorrect because the native VLAN is not tagged. D is incorrect because the original Ethernet frame is modified a VLAN field is inserted and a new FCS is computed. 5. The VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) is a proprietary Cisco protocol used to share VLAN configuration information between Cisco switches on trunk connections. 6. C. Switches in all VTP modes will propagate VTP messages; however, only client and server switches will process these messages. A is incorrect because it doesn t include transparent. B is incorrect because it doesn t include client and transparent. D is incorrect because it doesn t include server and client. 7. A and D. If the domain names don t match, they ignore each other s VTP messages. If the domain names match, the switch with the highest revision number is used; the switch with the lowest revision number will have its VLANs deleted. B is incorrect because domain names must match for VTP messages to be processed. C is incorrect because the lower numbered revision switch will have its VLANs deleted. 8. vtp transparent 9. A. The switchport mode trunk command enables trunking on a 2960 switch. B enables trunking on a 1900 switch. C and D are nonexistent commands. 10. C. The switchport access vlan command assigns a VLAN to an interface on a 2960 switch. A is incorrect because vlan-membership static assigns a VLAN to an interface on a 1900. B in incorrect because vlan creates a VLAN. D is incorrect because switchport mode access sets the interface as an access-link, versus a trunk, connection.
Obviously, we need to design a network that will support the projected traffic demand. Consequently, projecting subscriber usage is a critical first step in the network design process. This projection often involves a certain amount of up-front guesswork, particularly if this is the first network of a given type in a given market. If one is building a network in competition with another provider, then one can forecast subscriber growth based on the competitor s subscriber numbers, which are often publicly available. For example, one might assume that the new network will attract a certain percentage of subscribers of a given type (for example, 10 percent of the residential users and 10 percent of the business users in the first year, greater percentages in the second year, and so on). Typically, a marketing or forecasting group will be responsible for determining the subscriber forecast and providing that information to the network designers. Let s assume the subscriber counts shown in Table 9-1.
In today s environment, everyone is concerned with compliance. Whether you are regulated by HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, or any of the other industry regulations, it is extremely important to have an audit trail to demonstrate compliance. SmartAuditor is a new feature available in Feature Pack 1 that not only assists with compliance and security issues, but can be used as a very powerful troubleshooting tool. SmartAuditor allows you to monitor and record a user s ICA session. This can be done manually, or it can be configured to trigger when certain events take place. For example, if you have a specific user who keeps getting virus alerts, you can launch SmartAuditor when they open their web browser and view the sites they visit. This will allow you to determine where the malicious content comes from and potentially what use policies are being violated. This type of monitoring will also help enforce proper use policies and ensure compliance. Another possible use of SmartAuditor is to protect highly sensitive data and to monitor who is accessing specific applications for compliance purposes. Your organization may be concerned about tracking what financial information is released to the public, and by whom. By using SmartAuditor to monitor the financial application, you would have a visual record of who accessed the data and when. This type of forensic trail is extremely valuable when creating and enforcing acceptable use policies. The SmartAuditor feature consists of five components: SmartAuditor agent This component is installed on each XenApp server.
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