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In the context of business applications and information systems, infrastructure is the collection of networks, network services, devices, facilities, and system software that facilitate access to, communications with, and protection of those business applications. For instance, a user who wishes to access a business application uses a workstation that is connected to a local area network (LAN). To access the business application, the workstation communicates over networks formed with routers, switches, firewalls, and cabling. All of that in between equipment and cabling constitutes infrastructure. Infrastructure facilitates the communication and use of applications. Without infrastructure, applications cannot function or be accessed by users. Since infrastructure is so vital, its construction and maintenance requires the same level of formality and process as the business applications that it supports.
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6-Minute Power Density 2.9Ahr/Kg 3.3Ahr/Kg 1.0Ahr/Kg 1.0Ahr/Kg
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string str1("String handling is easy in C++"); string::iterator p; unsigned int i; // use size() for(i=0; i<str1.size(); i++) cout << str1[i]; cout << endl; // use iterator p = str1.begin(); while(p != str1.end()) cout << *p++; cout << endl; // use the count() algorithm i = count(str1.begin(), str1.end(), 'i'); cout << "There are " << i << " i's in str1\n"; return 0; }
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In reality, a safety margin would have to be added to the above calculation (the reasons for this are presented later). To add a safety margin, the NF of the receiver would have to be reduced even further. To increase the sensitivity margin by 3 dB, the NF would have to be lowered to 3 dB (6 dB 3 dB 3 dB). Depending on the radio service, more margin may be required, especially if the implementation margin is taken into account (the implementation margin is the loss in system specifications that occurs from the design stage to the actual implementation stage, as well as from mass production variances.
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Table 6.8 Coaxial Cables
6 month follow-up
// Dynamically initialize hypot. double hypot = Math.Sqrt( (s1 * s1) + (s2 * s2) ); Console.Write("Hypotenuse of triangle with sides " + s1 + " by " + s2 + " is "); Console.WriteLine("{0:#.###}.", hypot); } }
If you have an ASA 5505 or 5510, you need the Security Plus license to implement failover. The 5520s and higher don t require any special licensing. The PIXs, on the other hand, are a bit more complicated with their licensing. The PIXs that support failover (the 515s and higher) support three kinds of general licenses: restricted (R), unrestricted (UR), and failover (FO). A PIX restricted license restricts the amount of RAM and the number of interfaces the PIX can use, as well as failover. An unrestricted license supports the maximum amount of RAM and interfaces the PIX model supports, as well as allowing for the use of failover. Obviously there is a price difference between the two. When Cisco sold the PIXs, a 515E with a restricted license, for example, might cost $3,000 US, while the same unit with an unrestricted license would cost over $6,000 US. One complaint customers had about the licensing had to do with failover. Back in version 6 and earlier, only one implementation of failover was available: active/standby. As you ll see later in the chapter, with this implementation, the active unit processes traffic, and the other waits until the active unit fails, and then this standby unit will start processing traffic. In other words, the standby unit will only process traffic if the active unit fails which might be never! To make customers happy, Cisco created a third license for the PIXs, called a Failover (FO) license. The FO license is meant for a standby unit, and it costs about the same, if not a little bit less, than a restricted license. An FO license has all the same features and capabilities as the UR license. One concern Cisco had about the FO license is that they didn t want customers buying a PIX with the FO license and running it as a stand-alone unit or pairing two FO licensed PIXs together Cisco wanted their customers to buy the appropriate license based on their needs. Therefore, the PIXs won t let two FO licensed devices work with failover. Likewise if an FO licensed PIX boots up and doesn t see a failover mate with a UR license, at least once every 24 hours the FO licensed PIX will reboot itself. However, if the FO unit boots up and sees its primary mate, and the primary mate fails, the FO unit will not perform the random reboot process. This ensures that customers don t try to run the FO license in a stand-alone configuration since rebooting obviously creates disruption for company traffic. NOTE To use active/active failover, both PIXs must have a UR license. If one has a UR license and the other an FO license, you can only implement active/standby failover.
Overall condition of bridge substructures can be assigned the following NBIS condition rating: Very good condition no problems noted. Good condition some minor problems. Satisfactory condition structural elements show some minor deterioration. Fair condition all primary elements are sound, but may have minor section loss, cracking or spalling. Poor condition advance section loss, deterioration or spalling of primary structural elements.
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