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Inductors in Series and in Parallel
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These systems are described later in the chapter. 20.2 The Life Cycle Phases Due to the customer expectations of coverage, capacity and quality, wireless networks are ever-changing. These networks require ongoing management. To understand the problems associated with testing and managing a wireless network, the network can be thought of as having a life cycle with various phases; with wireless networks, essentially there are four such phases: planning, installation and commissioning, maintenance, and evolution (Figure 20.2).
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Southern California Edison
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Figure 16.7 Emerging applications and their evolution (source: MEF)
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In this example, all three interfaces are in autonomous system 1.
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Define triggers and filters Modify existing trigger and filter definitions Delete existing trigger and filter definitions Save a set of trigger and filter definitions to disk Restore a set of trigger and filter definitions from disk Print trigger and filter definitions in a readable format View trigger and filter definitions in a readable format
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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After you ve done all your editing and your image is pixel perfect, you can save the image for future use. Photoshop Elements has two commands for saving a file: Save and Save As. Use the Save command to save a file in its original format, and use the Save As command when you want to save the file in a different format.
NOTE During the normal start-up process of the IMA service, this value cycles through the names of the subsystems as the subsystems are loaded. Once the IMA service has started successfully, the value will be blank. If a direct connection to the data store is being used, verify that ODBC connectivity exists. For more information, see the section ODBC Connection Fails in this chapter. If an indirect connection to the data store is being used, verify that the IMA service is running on the direct server. Review the entries in the event log for the IMA service error code that is returned. See IMA Error Codes for more information on why the IMA service fails to start. Verify that the Spooler service is started in the context of system rather than a user. If you get an IMA Service Failed message when restarting a server, with error code 2147483649, the local system account can be missing a temp directory. Change the IMA Service startup account to the local administrator. If the IMA service starts under the local administrator s account, check for a missing temp directory.
EIGRP Troubleshooting
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