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Here, t is an int, as are 2 and 3, but a is a Nybble. These two types are compatible in the expression because of the implicit conversion of Nybble to int. In this case, since the rest of the expression is of type int, a is converted to int by its conversion method.
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} cout << endl << endl; // now, merge the two lists lst1.merge(lst2); if(lst2.empty()) cout << "lst2 is now empty\n"; cout << "Contents of lst1 after merge:\n"; p = lst1.begin(); while(p != lst1.end()) { cout << *p; p++; } return 0; }
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Imagine working in an environment where you can dynamically obtain extra bandwidth to satisfy different operational requirements. Suppose it is 8:00 A.M. on a Tuesday after a long weekend. As workers arrive and discuss their weekend activities, your organization s requirement for bandwidth may be minimal. As the week progresses, the activity of your organization increases. Customers call in seeking support, employees access a variety of remote databases, and your organization s bandwidth requirements increase. The current bandwidth requirements of organizations are satisfied through the use of a fixed capacity local loop line linking organizational locations to each other or to different networks. Even when capacity to a degree appears variable, such as when using Frame Relay where it is possible to burst above your committed information rate (CIR), you can burst only up to the fixed line operating rate. Now imagine the use of communications lines connecting each organizational location to a network where each local loop line has such a large in fact, virtually unlimited transmission capacity. As your organizational requirements grow and you need more bandwidth, the transmission capacity of the line terminating device is so high that the requirements for additional bandwidth can be satisfied well into the current millennium without requiring a line upgrade. Does this sound like a fantasy The answer to this question depends on our time reference. While dynamic bandwidth on demand may not be ready for prime time while you read this book, within a few years it should be a reality. The key to its pending availability as well as the ability to obtain practical videoconferencing, multimegabit file transfers in a fraction of a second, movies on demand, and dynamic connections to distance learning centers, and satisfy other bandwidth-intensive applications will be obtained through the deployment of optical networking devices.
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or ferrite cores are called toroids (Fig. 1.4). Ferrite toroidal cores can function from as low as 1 kHz all the way up to 1 GHz, but the maximum frequency attainable with a particular toroid will depend on the kind of ferrite material employed in its construction. Toroids are mainly found in low- to medium-power, lower-frequency designs. Toroidal inductors are valuable components because they will exhibit only small amounts of flux leakage and are thus far less sensitive to coupling effects between other coils and the toroid inductor itself. This circular construction keeps the toroid from radiating RF into the surrounding circuits, unlike air-core inductors (and transformers), which may require some type of shielding and/or an alteration in their physical positioning on the printed circuit board (PCB). And since almost every magnetic field line that is created by the primary makes it to the secondary, toroids are also very efficient. Air-core transformers do not share these abilities. At low frequencies, toroids are also used to prevent hum from reaching the receiver from the mains and any transmitter-generated interference from entering the power lines. This is accomplished by placing toroid inductors in series with the supply power, choking out most of the undesired hash. Toroids are identified by their outer diameter and their core material. For instance, an FT-23-61 core designation would indicate that the core is a ferrite toroid (FT) with an outer diameter of 0.23 inches and composed of a 61-mix
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Instruments and their proper use are necessary for good cable system performance. However, the quality of technician education is extremely important. Most cable system operators send their technical staff to participate in seminars and training sessions sponsored by the Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers (SCTE). Technicians can become certi ed at various levels after successfully passing the required tests. Tests and measurements for most cable system operators involve testing on satellite systems, TV antennas, and/or microwave systems, as well as ber-optical and coaxial cable distribution systems. Technician education in all of these areas is necessary.
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At the Super Bowl and other venues, law enforcement used facial recognition as part of its efforts to prevent a terrorist act or other serious criminal incident. Although no suspected terrorists were apprehended, the authorities took prudent steps to identify them if they had chosen to show their faces. The national security community also understands the need for such precautions, and it believes that in addition to helping prevent potential terrorist acts against the public, biometric facial recognition can help it identify and protect against terrorist threats to U.S. forces and our embassies abroad. As we all know, terrorist attacks have extracted a painful toll. In Saudi Arabia in 1996, terrorists exploded a truck bomb near Building 131 of Khobar Towers. Nineteen U.S. service members died. Hundreds were injured. In 1998, truck bomb attacks destroyed the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, taking 224 lives and wounding some 4,600 others. And on October 12, 2000, a terrorist attack on the U.S.S. Cole in the Yemeni port of Aden killed 17 sailors and injured 42 more. In an effort to protect its forces from such attacks, the U.S. military has looked to technologies such as facial recognition. In the wake of the Khobar Towers terrorist attack, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) embarked on a $50 million initiative known as Human ID at a Distance, a major component of which is facial recognition. DARPA s ambitious goal is to help develop biometric technologies, facial recognition prominently among them, that can be deployed to identify a known terrorist before he closes in on his target: identify and intercept the intruder before he can cause harm. In this way, lives can perhaps be saved. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 refocused America s attention on technologies that can help improve public safety and homeland security. Congress has provided appropriations for the technology s use in this regard. For example, Government Technology reported in August 2002, The effort to deploy facial rec-
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Presentation ISUP TUP
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void inp_handler(void) { int ch, flag;
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { char s[80]; cin >> ws >> s; cout << s; return 0; }
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Cisco ASA Configuration
Dallas Personal Robotics Group (DPRG)
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Table 12.7 NJDOT soil erosion and sediments control standards for sizing gabions. Gabion Thickness (ft) Maximum Velocity (ft/sec)
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