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Content Protection, Licensing, and Patents
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Bit Error Rate Measurements and Error Performance Analysis 596 Network Test Instrumentation
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If the second derivative is negative, the curve is concave down.
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The BD video and audio production process can be divided into basic steps, which are shown in Table 12.2. Unlike DVD production, more of the work can and in some cases must be done in parallel. Often the encoding and the multiplexing are happening at the same time as the authoring and programming steps. The QC and testing steps are also spread throughout most of a project. Proper project design and careful asset management are keys to the successful creation of a BD title. Project management in larger, multi-person projects becomes a must. Many of the steps require multiple iterations to ensure that everything will work together. For example, after encoding the audio and video, it may be discovered that the peak bitrates are too high and that either the audio or the video or both needs to be reencoded. Table 12.2 The BD Production Process
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8. Match the device with the OSI Reference Model at which it primarily functions.
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This union will let you access the four bytes that make up an interger as four individual characters. Now, you can use pw to create the write_int( ) function shown in the following program.
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Figure 6-18. (Continued)
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As you can see, the elements of the union are referenced as if they had been declared as normal local variables. In fact, relative to your program, that is exactly how you will use them. Further, even though they are defined within a union declaration, they are at the same scope level as any other local variable within the same block. This implies that the names of the members of an anonymous union must not conflict with other identifiers known within the same scope. All restrictions involving unions apply to anonymous ones, with these additions. First, the elements contained within an anonymous union must be data. No member functions are allowed. Anonymous unions cannot contain private or protected elements. Finally, global anonymous unions must be specified as static. Remember, just because C++ gives unions greater power and flexibility does not mean that you have to use it. In cases where you simply need a C-style union you are free to use one in that manner. However, in cases where you can encapsulate a union along with the routines that manipulate it, you add considerable structure to your program.
Bridge mechanics is a subject that can help an inspector understand how a bridge functions and how certain defects affect the load carrying capacity. Hence, it is desirable that an inspector should possess a high degree of knowledge and skill in structure condition evaluation, analytical techniques, design requirements, bridge components, and the variety of load application and materials response. An inspector is a highly trained structural engineer whose skill and expertise is expected to perform the duties of recognizing and identifying: 1. 2. 3. 4. Bridge components and load path in each bridge structural system. Bridge live loads. Properties, performance, and response of the materials. Basic concepts of elasticity, plasticity, and failure modes from corrosion and cracking, etc.
In 15, we gave a quick and dirty look at how to use HomeSeer s software to set up and manage your sundry X10 devices and events. However, we didn t have the space to talk about crafting specific events to respond when a condition is met, like a certain time of day or the activation of another device. Since there is no way we can anticipate all your X10 programming needs, this section will demonstrate how to create two different sorts of events. The idea here is to show you how to set up your own events and program them with your computer-based X10 software. Further, these multidevice actions, also known as macros can be used in conjunction with the X10 control panels and remote controls we ll talk about later in this chapter.
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