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Support Circuit Design
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Part Four of this book covers the C++ Builder development environment. This includes using the integrated development environment (IDE), creating applications, and using the debugger.
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3. An eight-input combining network provides a constant 22 dBmV output to the trunk feed point. If this combining network is constructed of 8 dB directional couplers with a 1 dB through loss, calculate the eight input levels. 4. If two-way splitters are going to be used as an eight-input combiner, how many of these devices will be needed 5. For the combining network in problem 4, calculate the input levels for a constant output level of 22 dBmV. Assume each splitter is perfect with a loss of 3 dB. 6. If a microwave path is to be operated at 13 GHz and the hop distance is 30 mi, calculate the path loss.
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Output Power When sizing an inverter, be careful. It was common practice in the past to de ne continuous watts as continuous for up to 30 minutes ! For example, the maximum continuous output power of the older Heart EMS-1800 was not 1,800 watts, as you might assume, but 1,100 watts 40% less. The manufacturers no doubt reasoned that many of the larger inverter loads, such as microwaves, hair dryers, and clothes irons, lasted 30 minutes or less, so a 30-minute rating was appropriate. It may have been appropriate, but it was also misleading. Fortunately it appears that most manufacturers have now adopted a continuous continuous rating. Figure 8.3 shows how the maximum output of the EMS-1800 varied with duration. The curve re ects the buildup of internal heat, not depletion of the battery, which is assumed to be a constant 13.0 volts DC. The output power versus time curves of all inverters are of similar shape. Surge current is the momentary current drawn by electric motors at startup. As a rule of thumb, surge currents of inverters are approximately 250% of the continuous-rated currents. In fact, many manufacturers specify surge current in terms of the size of motor they will start. Ef ciency and Standby Power The percentage of battery power converted to AC power depends on two factors: Ef ciency is the percentage of power converted while the inverter is in operating mode Standby power is the drain on the battery while the inverter is in standby mode, waiting for a load to be connected Pulse-width-modi ed, sine-wave inverters are typically extremely ef cient at mid- to upper-output levels. Figure 8.4 shows ef ciency versus output power for the Heart EMS-1800. Most inverters achieve ef ciencies in excess of 90% over most of their output ranges. Ef ciency drops dramatically, however, at very low power levels. For this reason, most inverters remain in standby mode (on, but not producing power) until they sense a signi cant load. For Freedom inverters the minimum load required to trigger the on state is only 1.5 watts. Since the turnon is instantaneous, the user is usually not aware of the standby mode unless the load is less than the trigger
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Figure 1.3 The efficiency of the construction industry (solid line) in relation to all other nonfarm U.S. industries (dashed line). It is clear that the construction industry needs help.
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Fig. 2-14 Circuit used in Example 2-11, illustrating the use of a current divider.
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To simplify your troubleshooting process, disable as many features as necessary. For example, if you have EtherChannels enabled, disabling the channel will help determine whether the channel itself is not functioning correctly and possibly creating the layer 2 loop. If you are not certain which switch is the root switch, log into the switch that logically should be the root and force it to become the root by changing its priority to 1 with the spanning-tree vlan VLAN_# priority command. A good step on your part should be to include the MAC addresses of each switch in your network topology diagram.Then, when troubleshooting loop problems, you ll find it much easier to determine whether a rogue switch was introduced into the topology that might be creating the loop.
Block statements are groups of related statements that are treated as a unit. The statements that make up a block are logically bound together. Block statements are also called compound statements. A block begins with a { and terminates by its matching }. Block statements are most commonly used to create a multistatement target for some other statement, such as if.
Filters in Web Intelligence XI Release 2 are simpler in many respects from filters in previous versions of the full client. Measure filters used to require defining a formula as did nesting filters. Now, you easily filter on measures by entering a value to compare to. For example, to find which stores have revenues less than 700,000 per quarter, do the following: 1. Select the Revenue column. 2. Click Apply Filter from the Report toolbar or right-click to invoke the pop-up menu and select Quick Filter. 3. Note that a list of values is not available for measures. Enter the value in the lefthand box, in this case 700,000, and then click >>.
The prototype for _setcursortype( ) is in <conio.h>. This function is not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. The _setcursortype( ) function changes how the cursor is displayed. It can be called with one of three macros (defined in <conio.h>). Calling _setcursortype( ) with _NOCURSOR turns off the cursor. Using _SOLIDCURSOR makes a block cursor, and _NORMALCURSOR creates an underscore cursor.
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Frequency Synthesizer Design
C has a special shorthand that simplifies the coding of a certain type of assignment statement. For example
Swell Deformation
Parvovirus B19
Perform the following steps to move the Citrix XenApp Servers to the newly created OU: 1. Locate the Citrix server (found in the Servers or Computers OU), right-click it, and choose Move. 2. Select the newly created OU dedicated for Citrix XenApp Servers and then click OK. 3. Repeat this process for all Citrix XenApp Servers.
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