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They account for 17% of all preterm births (before 37 weeks of gestation) How significant is the impact of multi-fetal gestation on maternal morbidity and mortality It increases maternal morbidity and mortality significantly, as well as hospital costs. Women with multiple gestations are six times more likely to be hospitalized with complications. Hospital costs are on an average 40% greater compared to women with single gestations. Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) admissions are significantly more frequent and are of longer duration. Multi-fetal gestations contribute to maternal conditions such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes Monozygotic (identical or maternal) twins form from a fertilization of a single ovum that subsequently divides into two separate individuals. Dizygotic (nonidentical or fraternal) twins result from fertilization of two separate ova by two separate sperm during a single ovulatory cycle Monozygotes can either be monoamnionic/monochorionic or diamnionic/monochorionic depending upon the timing of division of embryos When does division of the embryo occur in these two types of twins Conjoined twins: division after 13 days post-fertilization results in conjoined twins where the twins share a single cavity and have one placenta, one chorion, one amnion, and one shared umbilical cord Monoamnionic/monochorionic placentation occurs with division after amnion formation (between days 8 and 12 postfertilization). These gestations have a single placenta and are at increased risk of cord entanglement during the pregnancy Diamnionic/monochorionic placentation occurs with division (after trophoblast differentiation and before amnion formation between days 4 and 8 postfertilization). Twins are in separate cavities and have one
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The Standard Template Library and the string Class
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Element Mg Ca Reaction with H2O Reaction with HCl
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The Ethernet Service Model (ESM)
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Dispatched portable protocol analyzers
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NOTE The security appliances will not load-balance between multiple paths they will only use one path. If the metric is different, the appliance will use the path with the lower metric value. If the metric value is the same, the appliance will use the first route command that you configured.
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Because administration is the largest component of a PC s total cost of ownership, ondemand access saves organizations huge amounts of money by reducing and centralizing IT staffing requirements. This comes primarily from the elimination of the requirement to locally install or push install new applications to desktops. For example, US Oncology has a network administrator who supports 5,000 Citrix XenApp users. This compares to a standard PC-based computing average of around one administrator per 100 users. Contra Costa County s former deputy CIO, John Forberg, commented that Citrix enabled the county to upgrade a large ERP package for hundreds of users literally over lunch. NOTE: ABM Industries is a Fortune 1000 company that migrated entirely to an enterprise ondemand access model. Prior to implementing Citrix, the IT staff presented three alternative scenarios for migrating the company s 2,500 Lotus Notes users around the country from R4 to R5: Scenario a: 24 months and $3.0M Scenario b: 18 months and $3.5M Scenario c: 9 months and $4.5M After a companywide migration to on-demand access, the actual time to upgrade to Notes R5 was only 18 hours, with no added cost.
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Part III:
Enterprise LAN extension Today, network nodes on a LAN must be in close physical proximity due to the distance limitations of the underlying Ethernet technology. The inability to add remote nodes to a LAN is strictly a matter of transmitting the Ethernet frames and is not an inherent limitation in the network protocols or other scaling issues. An enterprise with facilities in multiple locations may wish to share resources between the locations. A simple solution from the LAN manager s perspective may be to connect the LANs using an Ethernet port as though they were not in separate locations. Enterprise to Internet service provider connection A typical enterprise LAN network is comprised of nodes interconnected by Ethernet ports. Other technologies such as Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) and token ring are also in use, but Ethernet is by far the most widely deployed. Regardless of the LAN protocol in operation, the enterprise s connection to its ISP is typically of another variety. Because the ISP s router is located at a remote location, the ISP connection must use the existing TDM network to make the connection. Therefore, both the enterprise router and the ISP s router must use a more expensive TDM port. If it were possible to transmit Ethernet directly to the ISP s router, both of the routers could use a more economical Ethernet port, and the network managers would not have to deal with TDM ports. ISP router interconnection The any-to-any connectivity of the Internet is created by a vast network of interconnected routers. An ISP s routers are interconnected, and the ISP s network is interconnected, or peered, with other ISPs and service provider networks. When these routers are in close physical proximity, they can be interconnected with Ethernet ports. When they are not in close physical proximity, they must be interconnected with TDM ports such as Packet over SONET. This connection is more expensive and often at a relatively low data rate. A simple and economical solution from the perspective of the ISP is to utilize Ethernet ports for all connections regardless of physical distance.
Find the poles and zeros of this function. SOLUTION The zeros of the function are values of s such that I (s) = 0. There is one zero, namely s = 0, in which case I (0) = 1 2 + = 1 + 1 = 0 0+1 0+2
Figure 33.3 shows a basic diagram of an SS7 monitoring system. It consists of four layers of processing. Layers 1 and 2 typically are located at STP system sites that provide a convenient focal point of signaling link sets. Layer 1 consists of card cages containing SS7 interface cards and processor cards. The interface cards collect the signaling data from the SS7 network via
Capacitors at RF and microwave frequencies must be chosen not only for their cost and temperature stability, but also for their ability to properly function at these high frequencies. As shown in Fig. 1.1, a capacitor has an undesired lead inductance that begins to adversely change the capacitor s characteristics as
for(int j = 0; j < jagged.Length; j++) { for(int i=0; i < jagged[j].Length; i++) Console.Write(jagged[j][i] + " "); Console.WriteLine(); } } }
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The two terms that make up the title of this book, carrier-grade and Voice over IP (VoIP), mean many things to many people, and each term may have several meanings depending on the context. Furthermore, many people might consider the two terms to be mutually exclusive, making the phase carrier-grade VoIP an oxymoron. That used to be the case, but those days are over. The excitement that VoIP has generated and the resources that have been applied to developing technical solutions for VoIP have allowed it to become a serious alternative for voice communications. That is, VoIP is a serious alternative to the circuit-switched telephony that we have known for decades. Not only can VoIP technology now offer straightforward telephony services, but it can offer a lot more besides, and it can do it with the same quality of service (QoS) that we have become familiar with in traditional telephony. The overall objectives of this book are to examine the technical solutions that make VoIP a reality and to illustrate how today s VoIP solutions can offer everything that traditional circuit switching provides, plus a lot more. This first chapter introduces the reader to VoIP in general and looks at some of the reasons why it is such a hot topic. Thereafter, a brief overview of technical challenges and solutions is presented. This chapter can be considered a glimpse of the topics that are covered in more depth in later chapters. Firstly, however, we need to understand what exactly is meant when we talk about terms such as VoIP and carrier-grade.
E X A M P L E 4.17 (Access)
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