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EIGRP Troubleshooting
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The C# Language
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command. Access to Privilege EXEC mode can be secured with either the enable password or enable secret command; the former is unencrypted and the latter is strongly encrypted.
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if selects between two paths of execution.
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C++ from the Ground Up
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Figure 6-11 Context topologies
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property is true, cancellation has been requested and the task should terminate. Polling can be quite efficient if it is done appropriately. For example, if a task contains nested loops, then checking IsCancellationRequested in the outer loop would often be better than checking it with each iteration of the inner loop. To create a task that calls ThrowIfCancellationRequested( ) when cancelled, you will often want to pass the cancellation token to both the task and the Task constructor, whether directly or indirectly through the StartNew( ) method. Passing the cancellation token to the task enables a cancellation request by outside code to change the state of the task to be cancelled. Here, we will use this version of StartNew( ): public Task StartNew(Action<Object> action, Object state, CancellationToken cancellationToken) In this use, the cancellation token will be passed to both state and cancellationToken. This means that the cancellation token will be passed to both the delegate that implements the task and to the Task instance, itself. The form of Action that supports this is shown here: public delegate void Action<in T>(T obj) In this case, T is Object. Because of this, inside the task, obj must be cast to CancellationToken. One other point: when you are done with the token source, you should release its resources by calling Dispose( ). There are various ways to determine if a task has been cancelled. The approach used here is to test the value of IsCanceled on the Task instance. If it is true, the task was cancelled. The following program demonstrates cancellation. It uses polling to monitor the state of the cancellation token. Notice that ThrowIfCancellationRequested( ) is called on entry into MyTask( ). This enables the task to be terminated if it was cancelled before it was started. Inside the loop, IsCancellationRequested is checked. When this property is true (which it will be after Cancel( ) is called on the token source), a message indicating cancellation is displayed and ThrowIfCancellationRequested( ) is called to cancel the task.
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h - y2 = C2 (b - q ) where C1 and C2 are constants h1= displacement at the transition point, in. b1 = angle of rotation for rise h1, radians Substituting in Eqs. (2.25) and (2.26) yields
j SMPTE 421M Television - VC-1 Compressed Video Bitstream Format and Decoding
$60,000 x 100 = 2.4% $2,500,000 $58,000 x 100 = 3.05% $1,900,000
Dim lCount as long For lCount = 1 To 10 MsgBox ""Number"" & lCount Next lCount
5. Here is the entire Help.cs program listing: // A simple help system. using System; class Help { static void Main() { char choice; Console.WriteLine("Help on:"); Console.WriteLine(" 1. if"); Console.WriteLine(" 2. switch"); Console.Write("Choose one: "); choice = (char) Console.Read(); Console.WriteLine("\n"); switch(choice) { case '1': Console.WriteLine("The if:\n"); Console.WriteLine("if(condition) statement;"); Console.WriteLine("else statement;"); break; case '2': Console.WriteLine("The switch:\n"); Console.WriteLine("switch(expression) {"); Console.WriteLine(" case constant:"); Console.WriteLine(" statement sequence");
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