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The #undef directive removes a previously defined symbol. That is, it undefines a symbol. The general form for #undef is #undef symbol Here s an example:
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Router Bootup Process
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Network Cards
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Figure 9-3. Joining a Meeting Component Interaction
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We can nd the current by using the relation for average power (10.16). This time we have Ieff = 200 Pav = = 0.83 A Veff cos (300)(0.8)
ciscoasa(config)# tunnel-group tunnel_group_name general-attributes ciscoasa(config-tunnel-general)# address-pool addr_pool_name
In order to start a project, a new project is created in BIDS using the Analysis Services Project template as shown in Figure 3-6. The New Project dialog box allows for three items to be entered: the Name, Location, and Solution Name.
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Next header =6 (TCP)
Typically, the Pick Tool is used for selecting and transforming objects, while the Shape Tool is used for editing curves and selecting object nodes. The temporary Shape Tool state enables you to alter the path shape of objects at the node level without changing tools. To use this feature, be sure the Enable Node Tracking option is selected in the Display page of the Options dialog. (To access this, choose Tools | Options and click to select Workspace | Display in the tree directory.) This enormous convenience enables you to edit single nodes or control points and applies to any single object selected type, including open and closed paths, Ellipse, Star, Polygon as stars, Graph Paper objects, and even bitmaps. The next illustration shows this temporary state in action; you ll see in your work that when the Pick Tool is outside of a shape it looks like an arrow cursor. However, after an object is selected and the tool is positioned inside a shape, the tool presumes you want to perform an operation such as moving the selected shape, and it becomes a four-headed arrow:
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