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The seven DS-2 signals are asynchronous to each other (because they may not have been formed in the same multiplexer). They may be operating at different rates. Bit stuffing is used to adjust the different incoming signals. This is the same reasoning behind the bit stuffing in each of the preceding discussions. Stuffing bits are used to justify the signals within the DS-3 frame, and they provide enough consistency for the multiplexers to derive the channels from within the DS-3 signal. In the 8th block of each subframe, an added stuffing slot is reserved to do this justification. The last block therefore may contain the following two choices:
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FM Frequencies (Bandwidth = 25 MHz FM A, FM B; Bandwidth = 12.5 MHz FM K) CARS group FM A Microwave Boundaries (in MHz) 12700.0 12725.0 12725.0 12750.0 12750.0 12775.0 12775.0 12800.0 12800.0 12825.0 12825.0 12850.0 12850.0 12875.0 12875.0 12900.0 CARS group FM B Microwave Boundaries (in MHz) 12712.5 12737.5 12737.5 12762.5 12762.5 12787.5 12787.5 12812.5 12812.5 12837.5 12837.5 12862.5 12862.5 12887.5 12887.5 12912.5 CARS group FM K Microwave Boundaries (in MHz) 12700.0 12712.5 12712.5 12725.0 12725.0 12737.5 12737.5 12750.0 12750.0 12762.5 12762.5 12775.0 12775.0 12787.5 12787.5 12800.0 Microwave Boundaries (in MHz) 12950.0 12962.5 12962.5 12975.0 12975.0 12987.5 12987.5 13000.0 13000.0 13012.5 13012.5 13025.0 13025.0 13037.5 13037.5 13050.0
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Examining the Yellow Book Extended Architecture
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Voice and data Very good; strong mechanisms to ensure QoS Excellent Excellent High Limited
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Ongoing Administration
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Views, Zooming, Navigating Your Work
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8.8.2 Directional coupler design
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Wings and Arrow Lines for Twos
As mentioned, when C++ was first invented, the new operator did not throw an exception when an allocation error occurred. Instead, it returned null (just like C s malloc( ) function). If you want to have new work this way instead of throwing an exception, call the new function as shown here: p_var = new(nothrow) type; Here, p_var is a pointer variable of type. The nothrow form of new works like the original version of new from years ago. Since it returns null on failure, it can be dropped into older code without having to add exception handling. However, for new code, exceptions provide a better alternative. To use the nothrow option, you must include the header <new>. The following program shows this alternative approach to using new.
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