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Here is a complete example. It loads a two-dimensional array with the numbers 1 through 12 and then displays the contents of the array.
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Our HR department tracks our competitive pay position very carefully. They participate in industry surveys of pay practices. Our objective is to provide outstanding pay for outstanding performance, average pay for average performance, and low pay for low performance. While each company s formula may differ, our actual pay levels are very consistent with our objectives.
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3: Fingerprint and Hand Geometry
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This fragment changes the cursor type to a block:
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Sensor This is a series of four small switches marked IN and OUT.
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What is the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction
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As the output shows, ob2 is a clone of ob1, but ob1 and ob2 are completely separate objects. Changing one does not affect the other. This is accomplished by constructing a new Test object, which allocates a new X object for the copy. The new X instance is given the same value as the X object in the original. To implement a shallow copy, simply have Clone( ) call MemberwiseClone( ) defined by Object. For example, try changing Clone( ) in the preceding program as shown here:
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commands SDM creates down to the router, which are then applied.
You can obtain a portion of a string by using the Substring( ) method. It has these two forms: public string Substring(int idx) public string Substring(int idx, int count) In the first form, the substring begins at the index specified by idx and runs to the end of the invoking string. In the second form, the substring begins at idx and runs for count characters. In each case, the substring is returned. The following program demonstrates the Substring( ) method:
The Cash Sweep
A Magnify lens effect rate of just 3.5 times enlargement is enough to make 5-point text in a full-page illustration completely legible.
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Generate DTP Messages
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