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Single span bridges: With a single span, the ability to resist an earthquake is increased, due to a higher relative stiffness of abutments compared to piers. 1. No formal analysis is required for seismic forces. The guidance provided in Subsection of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Speci cations should be referred to. 2. Width of the bridge seat should be adequate and shall be checked. The guidance provided in Subsection of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Speci cations should be referred to. 3. Abutment does not need to be designed for seismic forces from the superstructure except for bridges with integral abutments. For bridges with semi-integral abutments, only the bridge seat width shall be checked. 4. Abutment shall be designed for static earth pressure and additional seismic induced forces earth pressure, using Mononobe-Okabe method, which is an extension of Coulomb s method for soil pressure on retaining walls. Back ll is assumed unsaturated so that liquefaction effects are negligible. The back ll is assumed cohesion-less.
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Figure 8-2.
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Depending on the model, the Sensaphone can accommodate up to eight of these sensors (connected to terminals on the back of the unit). If a sensor is tripped, the Sensaphone will call up to eight telephone numbers (depending on the model) with its preprogrammed message. The model that accepts four inputs and will call four numbers in the event of trouble retails for US$369.99, and the model accepting eight inputs and will call eight telephone numbers in the event of trouble retails for US$549.99.
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Cornerstones of Human Potential: Focus, Service, and Gratitude Simplicity and the Einstein Approach to Bringing Forth Your Own Genius
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Getting the torque from the shaft to the wheel requires a high-strength hub connection. You should consider using the largest shaft diameter that you can locate and design into your robot. Not only will the larger shaft diameter withstand damage from hazards and weapons much better than a smaller shaft, you will find it easier to machine a slot, a D flat, pin holes, or key slots in the larger shaft (see Figure 3-13). With the larger shaft diameter, you will require larger pillow block bearings that will withstand much greater forces. So, larger is better in these cases for greater strength.
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Coaching Approaches to Enhance Self-Mastery
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Nevus Seborrheic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Vascular Dermatofibroma Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma Other
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Figure 1-9. ASA 5505 chassis front and rear
VLAN 1: Root VLAN 2: Root Distribution layer Switch-A
A World Awash in Oil After World War II
Other Uses
Definition 2.1
NetworkC IPv6
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Run-Time Type ID and the Casting Operators
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Finance Group Members of this group can access all reports contained within the Finance folder. There is a subfolder, \Finance\Internal, that everyone in the Finance group can save documents to. Documents in the top Finance folder are accessible to everyone else in the company and can be refreshed but not modified. Jami, as the Finance Director, is the only person who can modify reports in this top folder. Marketing Group Members of this group can access, refresh, and create new reports in the Marketing folder. Megan, as the VP of the department, can also add new users to the Marketing Group. Sam Sam is the Supply Chain Manager and occasionally may want to view some marketing and sales reports to understand order issues. He does not need to save reports to the marketing folder, so he won t be a member of the Marketing group. Also, no other members of the Supply Chain group need this access, so permission should be granted to the individual rather than to a group.
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