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2. The control unit connects to the HVAC system like a standard thermostat. The following wiring connections are made between the control unit and the HVAC system, assuming the home is utilizing a standard gas/electric HVAC system:
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3. At this point, the project is empty and you will need to add a C# source file to it. Do this by right-clicking on the project s name (which is Project1 in this example) in the Solution Explorer and then selecting Add. You will see the following:
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TIP Never use a time source from the Internet to acquire your timing information, since no server that I know of will authenticate messages on the Internet, and there is a chance you might receive a spoofed message. This can create a denial of service attack when you re using certificates and/or corrupt your logging information. Always set up your own internal time source and enable NTPv3 authentication of time messages. Normally I attach a GPS to a Microsoft server and use it as my NTP time source; but many operating systems, like UNIX, can also be used.
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Output converter
Figure 1.56 shows one technique for measuring the reverse S parameters of an active device. Basically, the setup of Fig. 1.55 is reversed, but the bias voltages and the DUT orientation remain the same, with the input now terminated with 50 ohms and the active device s output now fed by the 50-ohm signal generator. A signal is injected into port 2, through the dual directional coupler, by the 50-ohm signal generator. The vector voltmeter M4 reads the amplitude and phase of VD of the signal at port 2 of the DUT. Meter M3 reads the amplitude and phase of VC of the signal reflected back from the output of the DUT (due to any impedance mismatch from the system s impedance of 50 ohms).
Shore Power
pulsout 0, 200 pulsout 1, 200 pause 15 next goto main back: for b2=1 to 25 pulsout 0, 200 pulsout 1, 100 pause 15 next return
click the Align Nodes button to open the Align Nodes dialog. If they aren t already selected, click to select all three options (Align Horizontal, Vertical, and Control Points) in the dialog and then click OK to align the points. Notice that they are positioned to overlap precisely. Click to select both nodes and then click the Join Two Nodes button in the Property Bar. Your path is now closed and the nodes are joined.
Network Routing
This program displays the following output:
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