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10. Use a command to display all of the interfaces, their IP addresses, and their statuses on one screen and then show the details of fastethernet0/0 and serial0 separately: Use the show interfaces command followed by show interface fa0/0 and show interface s0. fa0/0 should be up and up ; but since the 2600-2 s s0 interface hasn t been configured yet, this should be up and down. 11. Save your configuration to NVRAM and view the active configuration: Save it with copy running-config startup-config and view it with show running-config. 12. Configure the 2600-2 router. At the top of the simulator in the menu bar, click the eRouters icon and choose 2600-2. 13. First set the hostname (2600-2): At the top of the simulator s toolbar, click the eRouters icon and select 2600-2. On the 2600-2 router, access User EXEC mode and use enable to go to Privilege EXEC mode and then configure terminal to access Configuration mode. Use the hostname 2600-2 command and examine the prompt. Enter the line vty 0 4 command and follow it with the login and password cisco commands. Exit the subcommand mode: exit. 14. Then set the telnet (cisco) and enable secret passwords (cisco): Enter enable secret cisco. 15. For the interfaces, enable fastethernet0/0 and serial0. Set the clock rate to 64,000 bps if necessary on the serial interface: Enter the interface with interface fastethernet 0/0. Use the no shutdown command to enable the interface. Exit Configuration mode (end) and check the serial0 controller: show controller serial 0. If it s a DCE, configure the following. Enter the interface with configure terminal and interface serial 0. Configure the clock rate: clock rate 64000. Use the no shutdown command to enable the s0 interface. Exit to Privilege EXEC mode: end. 16. Then view the router s interface status: show interfaces. Make sure fa0/0 and s0 are up and up. 17. Save the router s configuration by running copy running-config startup-config. 18. Configure the 2950-1 switch: At the top of the simulator in the menu bar, click the eSwitches icon and choose 2950-1.
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Revival of Covered Bridges Is Possible
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Quick Review of Previous Enhancements
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How do the following hormones change during the perimenopausal state FSH/LH Estrogen Progesterone Why does FSH change during perimenopause Increases Remains normal (until follicular growth stops) Decreases The decline in the number of follicles and the irregular maturation of follicles leads to a decreased concentration of inhibin (which normally inhibits FSH secretion). This causes the rise in FSH levels Hot flashes (episodic sensation of warmth on chest/face that becomes generalized; associated with sweating) Sleep disturbances How do the following hormones change at menopause Androstenedione FSH/LH Testosterone Estrogen Why do estrogen levels change during menopause Compare the changes in the levels of FSH and LH during menopause Why does FSH increase more than LH What disorder presents with the same hormonal abnormalities as menopause (increased serum FSH > LH) Decreases Markedly increases Increases Decreases (to <20 pg/mL) Because of the loss of ovarian follicles Both increase; however FSH >> LH Renal clearance of FSH is less than that of LH Primary ovarian failure, which can be seen in Turner syndrome
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Reel of fiber-optic cable
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class ISeriesDemo2 { static void Main() { ByTwos twoOb = new ByTwos(); ByThrees threeOb = new ByThrees(); ISeries ob;
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// Demonstrate a two-dimensional array. using System; class TwoD { static void Main() { int t, i; int[,] table = new int[3, 4]; for(t=0; t < 3; ++t) { for(i=0; i < 4; ++i) { table[t,i] = (t*4)+i+1; Console.Write(table[t,i] + " "); } Console.WriteLine(); } } }
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FIGURE 12.24. Residual amplitude of acceleration versus T with F as varying parameter undamped (cycloidal cam).
int clock, timer; // ...
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
This yields the same results as Eq. (4.5). Let b = cam angle for maximum rise, h, degrees h = maximum follower rise, in Conversion to actual units from normalized equations requires multiplication of each polyn h q nomial term by ratio n giving hCn . Therefore each term of the 4-5-6-7 polyno b b 0.5 mial multiplied by yields, with q in degrees. 60 n Displacement, y= y = y = 35 q q q q - 42 + 35 - 10 in 60 60 60 2 60 7 q 7 q 35 q 7 q - + - in deg 6 60 2 60 10 60 6 60 7 q 7 q 7 q 7 q in deg 2 - + 120 60 30 60 24 60 60 60
Figure A
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