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In many countries in the world, a video game must be submitted to a ratings body to determine how violent, scary, or sexually explicit it is before it may be sold. This is done after the game reaches beta, when all the content is present. The rating institution takes a few days or weeks to examine the game and return a rating, which the publisher is required to print on the game s box and possibly in any future advertising as well. In America, rating is done by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. This is not required by law (that would be a violation of the First Amendment), but some retailers refuse to carry games that have not been ESRB-rated. Some also refuse to carry games with an AO (Adults Only) or M (Mature) rating. Although many developers object to having their games labeled in this way, the system does help the consumers know what it is they re getting. It is actually superior to the American movie-rating system, because in addition to a letter grade it also supplies content descriptors short phrases that indicate what sorts of things the player will see in the game. Obtaining the ratings for every country in which the game will be sold is a major job, and most publishers have a special department set up just to handle the paperwork and keep track of the process for each game.
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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
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You control the point around which objects are rotated or skewed, by moving the center origin marker or anchor point of an object or group of objects. Your cursor will change to display either the rotation or a skew cursor when held over a corner or side handle. A good creative example of offsetting the original center of an object is shown in the following illustration. The spade shape is a simple extrusion, and by putting its origin at the crosshairs in this illustration, rotating, and then right-clicking to transform a duplicate, a wonderfully intricate pattern can be made in less than a minute. To flip a selected object quickly, either vertically or horizontally, use the Mirror Vertical and Mirror Horizontal buttons in the Property Bar while using the Pick Tool.
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Selecting Objects by Type
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Why Conversion Is Best
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SVP, Advanced Product Development Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.
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You may want to add your corporate logo within the report header. To do so, you insert a blank cell that then points to an image file. Within the Web Intelligence document, the cell format must be set to be read as an image file. The image file must be copied to the Enterprise Server in the following path:
Some firewall products run on top of an operating system; these solutions are commonly called firewall applications. One disadvantage that firewall applications have compared with a proprietary operating system is that the firewall vendor must deal with two software products in creating a firewall: the operating system and the firewall application. This process can often lead to a less secure system. This is especially true when you consider all the security threats that have been directed specifically at UNIX and Microsoft operating systems. An example of a firewall product that uses firewall applications is Check Point. This is not to say that Check Point s firewall is a worse solution than a firewall product that uses a proprietary operating system. However, a firewall vendor like Check Point will have to do many more things to ensure that the firewall application and operating system provide a secure solution. (Note that Check Point s next-generation product, SecurePlatform 1, is moving away from this approach and moving toward an integrated solution.) The main problem with a firewall application solution is that the vendor not only has to provide a secure firewall application, but must also secure the operating system it runs on. However, firewall applications do provide two advantages: They tend to be easy to install and maintain. They run on a wide variety of PC/server platforms.
To clear a Distortion effect, click Clear Distortion Effect in the Property Bar or choose Effects | Clear Distortion. If you ve applied successive distortions, each distortion is cleared individually in order, from the last distortion applied to the first, enabling you to step out of the effect incrementally. To bring all this Zipper talk down to a practical level, the following illustration shows two creative, commercial uses. At left, the Zipper distortion is used as a coupon border. The only finessing needed was to apply a dashed Outline Pen Style. At right, the diagram of a sewing pattern is gussied up a little by making the cut marks look as though real pinking shears were used.
Below Alignment on the Paragraph Formatting box are controls for interline spacing (leading), how much space should go before or after a paragraph, intercharacter and interword spacing, and finally Indent preferences. It should be noted here that proper typographical form dictates that separate paragraphs are usually indicated by either a first line indent, or a line space between paragraphs, but not both.
StringOps. Notice that the method group conversion syntax can also be applied in this situation.
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