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Power Source: Flash Characteristics: Connections: Image Formats: Video Capture Format: Video Capture Resolutions: Frames per Second: Maximum Video Length: Size: Weight: Other Features:
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if(result == DialogResult.Yes) Application.Exit();
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To get an idea of the power of the one interface, multiple methods concept, examine this short program. It creates a base class called figure. This class is used to store the dimensions of various two-dimensional objects and to compute their areas. The function set_dim( ) is a standard member function because its operation is common to all derived classes. However, show_area( ) is declared as virtual because the way the area of each object is computed varies. The program uses figure to derive two specific classes, called square and triangle.
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Originally the Iridium proposal was for 77 satellites, but Motorola amended this number after the World Administrative Radio Council meeting in the spring of 1992.
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hapter 22 introduced you to access control lists (ACLs), an advanced feature of the router s Internetwork Operating System (IOS). This chapter covers one more advanced feature: address translation. Address translation allows you to change the source or destination address and/or port numbers inside an IP packet. This is typically done if you are using private IP addresses inside your network, or you have overlapping addresses when connecting two companies together. The first half of this chapter provides an overview of address translation, including the terms used and the different types of address translation. The second half of the chapter focuses on the configuration of address translation on an IOS router.
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Recording Speed
Part III:
The universe connection determines how users connect to the data warehouse or data source when they build or refresh a query. The user name and password used for the universe connection can be the same as or different from the user name and password used to authenticate a user in the BusinessObjects Enterprise repository. Often they are the same if you use the database to control security. Certain databases, such as Teradata, also perform better when each database user has its own workspace, whereas others, such as Oracle, perform better with a shared database login as memory and resources are shared. Connections can be defined in two places within Designer: When you access the universe parameters, Definition tab Via the Connections button on the toolbar or select Tools | Connections from the pull-down menu
Note that this differs from the syntax that is used to access an element of a rectangular array. The following program demonstrates the creation of a jagged two-dimensional array:
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