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The output of this program is shown here:
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ERD Representation Primary keys for entity types, identification dependency (weak entities and identifying relationships), informal documentation about other unique attributes Relationships Minimum and maximum cardinalities Generalization hierarchies Informal documentation about attribute constraints (comparison to constant values or other attributes) Informal documentation about null values and default values
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Safety Precautions
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It is important to point out some items concerning accounting on the appliance and using an AAA server. First, when using authentication, accounting will record who was authenticated and when they became unauthenticated, so you can see how long they were logged in. Second, when you are using AAA authorization, only the classic method of authorization will keep a record of what connections the user opened that matched the aaa authorization command(s) and whether the CSACS server allowed them. To see these reports, in the left window pane of CSACS, click the Reports And Activity button. If you are using downloadable ACLs instead of the classic method of authorization, any matches on the ACL statements are not sent to the AAA server. If you want a record of what connections were opened by a user with downloadable ACLs, you ll need to add the log keyword to your downloadable ACL statements on your AAA server. Then you ll need to forward these log messages either to an external syslog server or to an SNMP management station. This process is discussed in 26.
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Don t be afraid to take advantage of the context-sensitive help feature during the simulation questions on the exam.This feature can be used for help
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As soon as you turn the spotlight onto your readers, you invariably highlight issues that matter to them bene ts. Here are some examples of what other people have come up with by starting the sentence with the pronouns you or your: Your business matters to us . . . Your concern for your patients is why we strive to achieve perfection . . . You know how important it is that your patients have trust in their test results . . . Note that each example focuses on an important issue of concern to readers and expresses it as a bene t. The more bene ts you write about, the more likely your readers are to read your material and ultimately respond as you ask.
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Here, this refers to the object on which GetPwr( ) was called. Thus, this.val refers to that object s copy of val. For example, if GetPwr( ) had been invoked on x, then this in the preceding statement would have been referring to x. Writing the statement without using this is really just shorthand. It is also possible to use this inside a constructor. In this case, this refers to the object that is being constructed. For example, inside Pwr( ), the statements
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NOTE The HTML Report panel has both a Variables list and a Formulas list that allow you to add
Meter per second squared Second Kilogram
Battery Installation
Figure 10-1: A typical Frame Relay connection When Frame Relay was first introduced in 1992, the speeds were limited from 56 Kbps up to 1.544 Mbps. However, as time wore on, a small upstart company named Cascade Communications (acquired later by Ascend, who was then acquired by Lucent) decided to set the world on fire by increasing the access speeds and information throughput to approximately 50 Mbps. The industry quickly jumped on this speed and made Cascade the number one supplier in the industry at the time. Figure 10-2 shows the connection at T3 speeds on one end and SONET OC-1 on the other end of the connection. Note this was still used just for data transmission across the network. A higher-end router is installed on each end of the connection to facilitate the data throughput of up to 50 Mbps.
Configuring the Event Log
The nal thought might become:
// Demonstrate an anonymous method that takes an argument. using System; // Notice that CountIt now has a parameter. delegate void CountIt(int end); class AnonMethDemo2 { static void Main() { // Here, the ending value for the count // is passed to the anonymous method. CountIt count = delegate (int end) { for(int i=0; i <= end; i++) Console.WriteLine(i); }; count(3); Console.WriteLine(); count(5); } }
D3 D4
Until it is eventually replaced by video delivered over broadband Internet, DVD has become the medium of choice for video training. The low cost of hardware and discs, the widespread use of players, the availability of authoring systems, and a profusion of knowledgeable DVD developers and producers made DVD - in both DVD-Video and multimedia DVD-ROM form - ideal for industrial training, teacher training, sales presentations, home education, and any other application where full video and audio are needed for effective instruction. Videos for teaching skills from accounting to TV repair to dental hygiene, from tai chi to guitar playing to flower arranging become vastly more effective when they take advantage of the on-screen menus, detailed images, multiple soundtracks, selectable subtitles, and other advanced interactive features. Consider an exercise video that randomly selects different routines each day or lets you choose the mood, the tempo, and the muscle groups on which to focus. Or a first-aid training course that slowly increases the difficulty level of the lessons and the complexity of the practice sessions. Or an auto-mechanic training video that allows you to view a procedure from different angles at the touch of a remote control (preferably one with a grease-proof cover). Or a cookbook that helps you select recipes via menus and indexes and then demonstrates with a skilled chef leading you through every step of the preparation. All this on a small disc that never wears out and never has to be rewound or fast-forwarded. Discs are cheaper and easier to produce, store, and distribute than videotape. Earlier products such as laserdisc, CD-i, and Video CD did well in training applications, but they
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