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dealing with different angles being equal to or the negative of one another are listed in the Mathematical Tables. Another category of identities is the sum and difference formulas and the half and double angle formulas. Many of these identities come about from a derivation similar to the one given below for the cosine of the difference of two angles. In addition, this exercise is a good review of basics. Figure 8-16 shows that any point on the unit circle can be given by the coordinates x and y or the coordinates cos 6 and sin 8 . On a unit circle the coordmates of the angle 6 are (cos 8,sin 8). The coordinates of another angle, #, are (cos #, sin #) .
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Eradication In this phase of incident response, responders are taking steps to remove the source of the incident. This could involve removal of malware, blocking incoming attack messages, or removal of an intruder. Recovery When the incident has been evaluated and eradicated, often there is a need to recover systems or components to their pre-incident state. This might include restoring data or configurations, or replacing damaged or stolen equipment. Remediation This activity involves any necessary changes that will reduce or eliminate the possibility of a similar incident to occur in the future. This may take the form of process or technology changes. Closure Closure occurs when eradication, recovery, and remediation are completed. Incident response operations are officially closed. Post-Incident Review Shortly after the incident closes, incident responders and other personnel meet to discuss the incident: its cause, impact, and the organization s response. Discussion will range from lessons learned to possible improvements in technologies and processes to further improve defense and response.
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Table 21-2.
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Figure 15.5 Distributed monitoring systems extract network performance data collected by remote monitoring (RMON) agents placed throughout the network and present them on a central console for interpretation by the network manager.
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Console.WriteLine("Error: no arguments."); return 0; }
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/* Display the list on the screen. */ void list(void) { register int t; for(t=0; t<MAX; ++t) { if(inv_info[t].item[0]) { printf("Item: %s\n", inv_info[t].item); printf("Cost: %f\n", inv_info[t].cost); printf("On hand: %d\n\n", inv_info[t].on_hand); } } printf("\n\n"); }
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Console.WriteLine("a.x {0}, b.x {1}", a.x, b.x); } }
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35.15 Vehicle Speed 220.50 182.09 142.26 130.88 116.65 110.96 105.27 99.58 96.73 95.31 92.47 89.62 86.78 85.35 83.93 82.51 81.09 79.66 78.24
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// Use bitwise OR to make a number odd.
directs stdin to the file called INPUT and sends output to the file called OUTPUT. As you can see, console I/O and file I/O are really just two slightly different ways of looking at the same thing.
Methods Supported by the Int32 Structure (continued)
Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference
11.3.1 Cell relay service
Partially supported Fully supported Fully supported Fully supported Guaranteed control of delay and jitter Fully supported Fully supported Not supported
However, this simple method has several drawbacks, all of which are magnified in the MAN environment:
// Wait for signaled event. evtObj.WaitOne(); Console.WriteLine("Main thread received first event.");
public double[,] someMeth() { // ...
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