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Forms of Failure
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2: IT Governance and Risk Management
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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of the anonymous method and is now the preferred approach to creating an anonymous function. However, anonymous methods are still used in legacy C# code. Therefore, it is important to know how they work. Furthermore, anonymous methods are the precursor to lambda expressions and a clear understanding of anonymous methods makes it easier to understand aspects of the lambda expression. Also, there is a narrow set of cases in which an anonymous method can be used, but a lambda expression cannot. Therefore, both anonymous methods and lambda expressions are described in this chapter.
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An indexer declared in an interface has this general form: // interface indexer element-type this[int index] { get; set; } As before, only get or set will be present for read-only or write-only indexers, respectively. No access modifiers are allowed on the accessors when an indexer is declared in an interface. Here is another version of ISeries that adds a read-only indexer that returns the ith element in the series:
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EIGRP Con guration Example
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E74. Copy across all columns to G. E80. Copy across all columns to G. E86. Copy across all columns to G.
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Value Syntax normal | <number> | <length> | <percentage> | inherit Initial Value normal Percentages refer to the font size of the element itself Inherited yes Applies to all elements Media Groups visual
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Although it does not pertain specifically to object-oriented programming, a very useful feature of C++ is the inline function. An inline function is a function whose code is expanded in line at the point at which it is called instead of actually being called. This is much like a parameterized function-like macro in C, but more flexible. There are two
0.05 3 1 0.1t 0.05t 2 + t = 6 3 = 0.1 0.3 + 0.6 = 0.4 inches per hour.
A = 3 . 9 - 0.84 - 0.73 = 2.3
The output from this program is shown here:
The Open Source Motor Controller (OSMC) was developed by robot builders for robot builders ( The OSMC is a modular control system that offers the high current capacity of the 4QD with the plug-and-play interface of the Vantec and Victor controllers. The OSMC was developed as a collaborative effort between robot builders to develop a high-powered, low-cost speed controller alternative to the then-limited supply of commercial controllers. The OSMC is a modular system, available fully assembled in kit form or as bare boards. The controllers can be assembled with several different FET configurations to give current capacity of up to 160 amps continuous and voltage capacity to 50 volts. The controller is made up of two separate circuit boards the logic board and the power board. The logic board is the interface to the radio receiver and handles channel mixing. The power board contains the FETS and associated driver circuitry. One logic board can drive two separate power boards, allowing for complete drive-train control over a tank-steered robot. The open source nature of this controller means that the full development details schematics, parts list, and control code are freely available to developers. The hobbyist nature of the controller means that a lot of rapid changes have occurred in the development of the software and documentation of the controller logic, and different versions of the control board with different features are available.
Address Translation Types
10 20 19 1 10.12 -20 19.99 0.986
class Gen<T> where T : MyClass, IMyInterface, new() { // ...
An alerter is a type of conditional formatting you use to highlight rows of data. You can use different fonts and colors to highlight a row, or you can tell the alerter to display certain text. In Figure 21-8, there are two different types of alerters. The first highlights the column values, % Change, in green when the % Change is greater than 50% and in red when it is negative. The second alerter displays a text message Excellent or Decline based on the same criteria. Alerters are evaluated from top to bottom: if the first condition of > 50% is met, then this formatting/result applies; if the first condition is not met, then Web Intelligence proceeds to evaluate the second condition. If none of the conditions are met, then the cell content and format remain unaffected. Working with alerters requires two steps: first, select the column(s) to which you will apply the alerter; then create the alerter. If you will be creating a text-based alerter, first insert the additional column in the table.
Part I:
Controlling Access: A Case Study
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