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Based on ISO standards, the HDLC protocol can be used with synchronous and asynchronous connections and defines the frame type and interaction between two devices at the data link layer. The following sections cover how Cisco implements HDLC and how it is configured on a router s serial interface.
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Chemistry: Matter and Change 20
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exceed the level of background noise if it is to be distinguished from the noise emitted by the receiver. A second type of noise is formed from periodic disturbances, ranging from solar flares, commonly referred to as sunspots, to the effect of lightning and the operation of machinery. This type of noise is referred to as impulse noise (see Figure 2.11). In Figure 2.11, note that impulse noise consists of irregular spikes of pulses of relatively high amplitude and short duration. As pointed out in 1, one key advantage of an optical transmission system is its immunity to electromagnetic interference, including solar flares. The signal-to-noise ratio (S/N), which is measured in decibels and is defined as the ratio of the signal power S divided by the noise power N on a transmission medium, is used to calculate the quality of transmission on a copper circuit. Although an S/N ratio greater than unity is always preferred because the receiver must be able to discriminate the signal from the noise, there are limits to how high the S/N ratio can be. These limits are associated with different systems that cap the allowable amount of signal power. These limits may be imposed by system operators or by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) or another regulatory body; limits established by the latter are designed to minimize interference between different wireless systems. Table 2.4 provides a summary of the relationship between decibel values and power or S/N ratios. Several of the values listed in Table 2.4 are both significant and warrant some degree of elaboration. First, consider a value of 0 dB. Since the decibel is defined as 10 log10 (PO /PI ), this means that for a decibel reading of zero, 10 log10 (PO /PI ) must be zero. This is possible only if PO /PI = unity, which means that a value of 0 dB occurs when the input power equals the output power. We can also note that a 0 dB value means that there is no gain or loss at the termination point of a transmission system.
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To secure data, most systems use a combination of techniques: Encryption A complex algorithm is used to encode information. To decode the encrypted files, a user needs the encryption key. While it s possible to crack encrypted information, it s very difficult and most hackers don t have access to the amount of computer processing power they would need to crack the code. Authentication processes This requires a user to create a name and password. Authorization practices The client lists the people who are authorized to access information stored on the cloud system. Many corporations have multiple levels of authorization. For example, a front-line employee might have limited access to data
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The IP Header
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2. Choose Edit | Delete Selected Items From
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Improved Spectral Efficiency
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Truest Self: Personality, Gifts, Talents, Ego, Competencies
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DCE A CSU/DSU to terminate the carrier s leased-line connection: this provides the clocking and synchronization for the connection.
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Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
Figure 7-11 Stress is compounded by the pressure of disaster recovery and the formation of new teams in times of chaos.
Second Solution: The curve can be written i the form y = X 2 if X is defined as n X = x + 2 . At x = -2, X = 0 and the line x = -2 effectively defines a new axis. Call it the Y-axis. This is the axis of symmetry determined in the previous solution. Drawing in the new axis allows graphing of the simple equation y = X 2 about this new axis.
Heart Center Challenge: Recognizing and Leveraging Defense Mechanisms When have you observed the learner use a particular defense mechanism Would a direct or an indirect challenge be more effective How would you phrase this defense mechanism challenge
Academic Licensing program, 197 acceleration, SpeedScreen, 391 394 Access Gateway, 119 120 ICA client security, 398 overview, 43 SmartAccess, 38 Access Gateway Enterprise (AG-E) architecture, 252 255 authentication, 269 274 client access, 277 282 component systems requirements, 256 258 configuring, 258 262 DNS and WINS, 268 269 installing, 255 256 key features, benefits, and capabilities, 251 252 licensing, 254 255, 262 263 overview, 250 251 policies and filters, 281 Secure Access Client, 257 258 secure application delivery, 255 Secure Ticketing Authority, 274 275 SSL certificates, 263 267 SSL VPN virtual servers, 267 268 testing, 281 282 topology, 252 253 Web Interface, 256, 275 277 Access Management Console (AMC) access to, 483 484 application access, 490 492 command-line management, 489 farm management, 482 483 Health Assistant, 473 475 installing, 207 208 isolation environments, 323 325, 328 329 logons, 489 Program Neighborhood Agent, 368 server and application folders, 484 session states, 470 smart cards, 405 SmartAccess, 280 snap-ins, 481 SpeedScreen, 393 SSL/TLS, 400 streamed applications, 220, 222, 224 users and ICA sessions, 485 488 Web Interface, 256, 276 zones, 489 490 Account Self-Service feature, 232, 245 Account Unlock option, 245 accountability, 158 accounting in security, 110, 254 accounts EdgeSight servers, 288 289 Password Manager, 240 242, 245, 247 248
layer 1 In a dual-layer disc, the deeper of the two layers, and the second one to be read when scanning from the beginning of the disc s data. layout In the authoring process, layout occurs after multiplexing is complete and a fully qualified root structure of a disc is made. This layout can be played as a disc would play, but it is not yet an image intended for replication on an optical disc. LBR Low-bit-rate extension for DTS HD Audio. See DTS-HD Secondary Audio. LCD Liquid crystal display. Flat-panel, energy-efficient displays made of thousands of tiny crystal coils that control the amount of light passing through them. Used extensively on laptops. A popular technology for flat-panel, widescreen, high-definition television sets. lead-in The physical area 1.2 mm or wider preceding the data area on a disc. The lead-in contains sync sectors and control data including disc keys and other information. lead-out On a single-layer disc or PTP dual-layer disc, the physical area 1.0 mm or wider toward the outside of the disc following the data area. On an OTP dual-layer disc, the physical area 1.2 mm or wider at the inside of the disc following the recorded data area (which is read from the outside toward the inside on the second layer). legacy A term used to describe an older format disc that can be played in newer format player, such as a CD in DVD player or a DVD in a BD player. letterbox The process or form of video where black horizontal mattes are added to the top and bottom of the display area in order to create a frame in which to display video using an aspect ratio different than that of the display. The letterbox method preserves the entire video picture, as opposed to pan & scan. DVD-Video players can automatically letterbox an anamorphic widescreen picture for display on a standard 4:3 TV. letterbox filter Circuitry in a DVD player that reduces the vertical size of anamorphic widescreen video (combining every 4 lines into 3) and adds black mattes at the top and bottom. Also see filter. level In MPEG-2, levels specify parameters such as resolution, bit rate, and frame rate. Compare to profile. line 21 The specific part of the NTSC video signal that carries the teletext information for closed captioning. line doubler A video processor that doubles the number of lines in the scanning system in order to create a display with scan lines that are less visible. Some line doublers convert from interlaced to progressive scan. linear PCM A coded representation of digital data that is not compressed. Linear PCM spreads values evenly across the range from highest to lowest, as opposed to nonlinear (companded) PCM that allocates more values to more important frequency ranges. PCM is most commonly used for digital encoding of audio signals. lines of horizontal resolution Sometimes abbreviated as TVL (TV lines) or LoHR. A common but subjective measurement of the visually resolvable horizontal detail of an analog video system, measured in half-cycles per picture height. Each cycle is a pair of vertical lines, one black and one white. The measurement is usually made by viewing a test pattern to determine where the black and white lines blur into gray. The resolution of VHS video is commonly gauged at 240 lines of horizontal resolution, broadcast video at 330, laserdisc at 425, and DVD at 500 to 540. Because the measurement is relative to picture height, the aspect ratio must be taken into account when determining the number of vertical units (roughly equivalent to pixels) that can be displayed across the width of the display. For example, an aspect ratio of 1.33 multiplied by 540 gives 720 pixels. Lo/Ro Left only/right only. Stereo signal (no matrixed surround information). Optional downmixing output in Dolby Digital decoders. Does not change phase, simply folds surround channels forward into Lf and Rf.
With the constant threat of viruses arriving in mail attachments and via other mechanisms, some firewall vendors also offer virus checking. Because the processing load on the firewall can be enough for one machine, the virus checking function is offloaded onto another machine that also resides in the DMZ. The process works like this. The firewall recognizes a mail attachment on the mail message. Before forwarding the mail message to the mail server, it first sends it to the virus checker that opens the attachment and scans it for known viruses. It would do the same for a file forwarded to the FTP server. If there is no problem, the virus checker tells the firewall that all is OK, and the message is delivered. If a virus is detected, there are several options available, depending on the vendor s implementation: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Discard the message Notify the system administrator by e-mail or pager Clean the file by removing the virus and pass the message on Return the message to the sender Send e-mail to the sender Send e-mail to the recipient
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The Application
Formatting a Cell via Toolbar
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