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To show your application on the Salesforce web site, you need to create a tab to be added to the existing tabs. When users click this tab, they ll be able to track their lunch expenses. 1. On the startup page, click Create Tabs (this was the same screen where you created the object). 2. Click New in the Custom Objects tab list to launch the New Custom Tab wizard. 3. From the Object drop-down list, select Lunch. 4. For the Tab Style, click the lookup icon and select the apple, shown in Figure 11-12 (it was our only food option).
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All servers in a zone are assigned to one of the four election preference levels. When the zone elects a new ZDC, it tries to select a server from the first preference level. If no servers at this level are available, the zone selects a server from the second level, and so on. When you create a farm, the election preference for all servers is Default Preference, except for the first server added to the zone, which is set to Most Preferred and is the initial ZDC. On the Zones tab in the console, a colored symbol appears next to each server name to indicate the election preference setting. You can change the default election preference to designate a specific server as the ZDC. To do this, set the election preference for the server to Most Preferred. If you do not want some servers to be the ZDC, set the election preference for those servers to Not Preferred.
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This program times the number of seconds that it takes for the empty for loop to go from 0 to 500,000:
cam normal force from passing through the follower pivot. Locking results from this detrimental force distribution. Often, for ultimate performance, frequent trials must be made to determine the performance and establish the best dimensional proportions for the given design conditions. Therefore, the side thrust will not exist with the properly designed oscillating roller follower in which the maximum pressure angle is much smaller than a locking condition. As shown in Fig. 6.6, the forces acting on a swinging arm are the normal reaction at the cam F and the bearing reactions Qa and Qb at the pivot point Q of the swinging arm. Static force balance yields F = sina - Qa = 0 F cosa - Qb = 0 F cosa - T = 0 where k = distance from normal force Fn to pivot point Q, in Qa, Qb are the reactions at pivot point Q, in T = the total torque on the system, lb-in Torque includes the torque due to the effects of springs, inertia, etc. The solutions of Eqs. (6.9), (6.10), and (6.11) are Fn = Qa = Qb = T k cosa T tana k T . k (6.12) (6.13) (6.14) (6.9) (6.10) (6.11)
1, Introduction, mentions the fact that Voice over IP (VoIP) can take advantage of a variety of efficient speech-coding techniques and 2, Transporting Voice by Using IP, delves into some detail regarding how digitally encoded speech is carried in an Internet Protocol (IP) network by using the Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP). 2 also makes reference to various RTP payload types, which in turn refer to various speech-coding standards. If it were not already obvious, the discussions in these previous chapters should indicate that speech-coding techniques are of particular significance in VoIP networks. In fact, speech coding is a very important topic. Though some analog systems still remain, they are rare. These days, voice is digitally encoded and shipped around the network (any network) as a stream of 1 s and 0 s. Speech/voice coding is simply the process by which a digital stream of 1 s and 0 s is made to represent an analog voice waveform. The process involves converting the incoming analog voice pattern into a digital stream and converting that digital stream back to an analog voice pattern at the ultimate destination. One of the reasons for implementing VoIP is the opportunity to take advantage of efficient voice coding, where fewer bits are used to represent the voice being transmitted, thereby reducing bandwidth requirements and reducing cost. The initial conclusion could be that one should implement the most bandwidth-efficient coding scheme possible, thereby saving the most money. Unfortunately, however, there is no such thing as the proverbial free lunch. As a rough guide, the lower the bandwidth, the lower the quality. So if we reduce the bandwidth significantly, then we run the risk of providing substandard voice quality not a noble or smart goal and certainly not something that is consistent with a carrier-grade operation. One should not assume, however, that anything like a linear relationship exists between bandwidth and quality. Another component also effects the relationship. That is the speech-coding scheme used, which relates to processing power. For example, voice transmission at 64 Kbps sounds better than any voice transmission at 16 Kbps. Several coding schemes might exist, however, that result in a bit rate of 16 Kbps, and one of those techniques might provide better quality than another. You can be certain that the technique that provides the best quality uses a more complex algorithm and hence needs more processing power. Consequently, that technique might be more expensive to implement, emphasizing again that we get nothing for nothing. In the end, the choice of coding scheme is a balance between quality and cost. In this chapter, we look at some of the issues surrounding speech coding in general and consider some of the coding standards that exist today. Note that this is not by any means an exhaustive analysis of coding standards.
TABLE 17-3
Curve shape adjustment can be accomplished by changing the exponents of the polynomial. This procedure at best is one of trial and error with some degree of predictability. For example, the fth-order polynomial can have the powers 3-4-5, 3-5-7, 3-6-9, etc. The seventh-order polynomial can have powers of 4-5-6-7, 4-6-8-10, 4-8-12-16, 4-7-10-13, and so forth. Figures 4.7 and 4.8 show the progressive changes of the polynomials. Note that the higher the powers, the greater is the maximum acceleration that shifts toward the start of the displacement curve. Polynomial curves having exponents as high as 50 have been used experimentally for automotive cams (see Thoren et al., 1952). Figure 4.9 shows some high-order DRRD polynomial curves. The rise boundary conditions are when q = 0, y = 0, y = 0, y = 0, y = 0, d4y =0 dq 4 (4.9)
Mesh points
CAUTION Do not use the d switch on farm servers that are functioning properly. This switch removes the server from the farm. The server must be reinstalled into the farm to regain functionality.
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