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Digital Photography QuickSteps uses several conventions designed to make the book easier for you to follow. Among these are:
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With most digital cameras, when you use auto-exposure bracketing, you have to enable either the continuous or continuous drive option, which enables you to take multiple pictures while the shutter button is pressed. The number of images you can capture per second will
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Nevus Seborrheic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Vascular Dermatofibroma Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma Other
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Computer Output to Laser Disc (COLD) is an approach that has been designed to directly process the output of applications, writing data to optical recorders. In this specialized application area, hybrid software and hardware tools have been developed to deal with these enormous quantities of data. For a certain segment of these applications where the data integrity and archival properties of the media are paramount, WriteOnce Read-Many (WORM) drives are used to store the content. For example, Plasmon offers a line of products, including the 8000 Series, that utilize 12-inch optical media for storing 30GB of data. Other systems integrate CD or DVD recorders into the process, depending on the required storage capacity. Some systems combine several recorders in a tower con guration that allows the software to write sequentially to a disc at a time until the total capacity has been consumed. Very high-end systems employ robotic arms to continue supplying blank media to the unit after the currently loaded media capacity has been consumed. One key characteristic of this type of application is that the disc recorder is treated as an output device, similar to a printer. Images, records, scanned documents, and so on, can be directed to the output device a CD or DVD recorder and the information is permanently written. This manner of work ow eliminates the premastering step that is normally a part of creating a CD or DVD, saving time for those business operations that require a steady output of data to disc. Appendix A includes a number of pointers to companies that produce products for COLD applications.
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Can t stand many deep discharges Will be destroyed if left discharged Will spill electrolyte if tipped over Relatively short life Relatively fragile Electrolyte level must be monitored Will be destroyed if left discharged too long Will spill electrolyte if tipped over Must be installed upright Battery box should be vented overboard Extremely heavy Most expensive May be destroyed by overcharging Moderate deep-cycle life (500 likely)
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Customers use building block components to develop open systems products that are sold in all of the major computer telephony markets. These markets can be grouped into four major sections: Information Access and Processing, Messaging, Connectivity, and Central Office (CO)/ Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN).
Next, the glory of SONET! In a ring architecture, where SONET automatic protection switching is employed, the best of all worlds comes to fruition. In this topology, ADMs are used throughout the network, and a series of point-to-point links are installed between adjoining neighbors. The bidirectional capability places the most robustness into the network; however, unidirectional services can also be installed. The primary advantage of the ring architecture is survivability in the event of a cable cut or a failure in a network node. The multiplexers have sufficient intelligence to reroute or reverse direction in the event of a failure. If more than one fiber link is installed, the systems could use alternate paths, but they must recover in milliseconds (which APS on SONET is designed to do). Figure 27-14 shows the ring topology with dual fibers run (bidirectional service) between the ADMs.
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Can filter on information found in the URL Can spoof the HTTP server heading response from the web server to hide the server s identity (like the kind of product being used and its version) Can specify size and count limits for the HTTP elements in user requests and server responses Can look for and filter specific MIME types Can look for and filter on non-ASCII characters in requests and responses
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