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Figure 3.72 A Class B push-pull amplifier.
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Improve the Temperature Conversion Program
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Wireless Issues
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Figure 8-3. Separation of Truest Self from Personality
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Smart Drawing Tool Spiral Tool Text Tool Toggle Pick State
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Business Writing for Results
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technology performs a screening function. The systems have a failure to acquire rate, which means a certain percentage of the time the system does not recognize a face against a background. The failure to acquire rate is affected by such factors as environmental conditions (lighting, shading), the subject s cooperation or lack thereof, and quality control issues. In an August 7, 2002, article by Ann Harrison, entitled Researcher: Biometrics Unproven, Hard To Test, Wayman noted, The idea that this operates automatically is entirely incorrect . They are nothing more than investigative tools, they are not automatic systems. (For more information, go to J.C. Herz, in an article for Wired, entitled Seen City: From surveillance cams to facial scans, in Las Vegas the whole world is watching, has summarized how casinos use this technology: If a person s template closely matches one in the database, a record pops up, with the image of a card-counter or criminal along with a list of his aliases and associates. The software never makes a positive identification it just alerts the staff. Then it s up to human operators to decide how good the match is and whether to escort the person off-site and send out a bulletin over an intra-casino network . In one sense, the technology just automates what casinos have been doing for years, with pan-and-scan cameras, mug books, and sharp memories. But speed and networking do make a difference, especially since the databases are shared. (For more information, go to
Mount your camera on a tripod. Alternatively, you can steady the camera using the methods described in Shoot Low Shutter Speeds Without a Tripod. If desired, choose a higher ISO setting to increase camera sensitivity. Disable the camera flash. Switch the camera to auto-timer mode. Switch the camera to aperture priority mode, and choose a small aperture (high f-stop number) to achieve maximum depth of field. If your camera is not equipped with aperture priority mode, switch to landscape or infinity mode. Mount your camera on a tripod. Compose the scene and press the shutter button halfway to establish focus. Press the shutter button fully and release. The camera begins counting down and takes the picture. The following image of Lakeland, Florida s Lake Morton was photographed at dusk using the steps in this procedure.
ciscoasa(config)# object-group type_of_object group_ID [protocol_name]
// change contents of vector for(i=0; i<v.size(); i++) v[i] = toupper(v[i]); cout << "Modified Contents:\n"; for(i=0; i<v.size(); i++) cout << v[i] << " "; cout << endl; return 0; }
As we develop the formulas in our model, Excel has a way of telling us when we are going about it the wrong way. The four most common error messages that Excel will show are the following:
Console.WriteLine("The average is " + nums.Average()); Console.WriteLine("These values are less than the average:"); // Execute the query and display the results. foreach(int i in ltAvg) Console.WriteLine(i); } }
Sometimes a business scorecard is even narrowly focused on a single problem, but the nature of scorecards makes them an effective way to solve the problem. 1 discussed a scorecard that was built for a nonprofit organization. Technically, there were only two true KPIs: Expenses Per Patient Day and Number of Patient Days. However, a number of KPIs were created. There was the Number of Patient Days KPI, and the overall Expenses per Patient Day. In addition, there was a Rent per Patient Day, Food per Patient Day, Utilities per Patient Day, and so on, with approximately twenty expense categories getting their own KPIs. The screen was presented with each facility showing just two KPIs and an overall score. One KPI was for the Expenses per Patient Day and the other was for the Number of Patient Days. Each facility could then be expanded to see the individual expense KPIs rolled up into the Expense per Patient Day KPI. In true scorecard fashion, some expenses were deemed more controllable than others and those expenses had higher weights when contributing to the overall score. The actual value of the score wasn t important, but it was a way to rank each facility and determine which ones were controlling costs better than others. An example of this scorecard can be seen in Figure 4-2. Another example of a business scorecard is one employed by a company that does specialized construction. Their projects go through a series of approximately 15 phases,
4.4 Aerial Electronic Equipment
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The network setup recommendations for Presentation Server also apply to Installation Manager. The more efficient and capable the network, the quicker and easier applications are to install. The use of switches, high-speed backbones, and high-speed disk drives greatly enhance the capability of Installation Manager to install applications to large server farms efficiently.
Identify Sample Reports for Benchmarking/Testing
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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