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A model consisting of several component models, e.g. the integration of an architectural, structural and MEP model.
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Independent Layers
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If the user accounts that are to be authenticated during XAUTH are on an AAA server, you ll have to define the AAA server and protocol with a server tag and reference the server tag in the remote access tunnel group with the authentication-server-group command. The LOCAL keyword tells the appliance to look for the user accounts locally, defined by the username command. If you don t specify the method of authentication, local authentication is used. The override-account-disable command is applicable only if the tunnel group is using AAA authentication: if the AAA server says the account is disabled, you can override that setting on the appliance and still use that account for XAUTH authentication. If the group policies are defined on an AAA RADIUS server, use the authorizationserver-group command to reference the correct AAA server tag. In this and the latter
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7.3.5 Further Planning Considerations
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NOTE There is also a form of into that can be used with join, which creates a group join. This is
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4: General Gynecology
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Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
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in troubleshooting address translation problems.
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The available database-specific functions are stored in the database.prm file (located under C:\ Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\win32_x86\dataAccess\ ConnectionServer\oracle). The corresponding help text or function description as shown in Figure 11-1 is stored in a separate XML file that is language specific as RDBMSLL.PRM, where LL refers to the Language. For example, the English language help text for Oracle functions is stored in oracleen.prm. Business Objects provides you with a default database.prm file that you may want to modify. You may want to modify the database.prm file for the following reasons: To enable users to access SQL functions that have been disabled by default To improve the help text for frequently used functions, especially if your company has decentralized universe designers
Strings will be read into character arrays, and the array name, without any index, is the address of the first element in an array. So, to read a string into the character array address, you would use
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