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In cases in which you don t need to employ a cast to a specific type of protocol implementation, it is better to use WebRequest and WebResponse because it allows protocols to be changed with no impact on your code. However, since all of the examples in this chapter will be using HTTP, and a few will be using HTTP-specific features, the programs will use HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse.
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As the technology advances, particularly to the point that many facial recognition or other biometric databases become interlinked and shared, the threat to information privacy has the potential to increase significantly. With biometric facial recognition, the loss of informational privacy essentially takes two forms: fears of tracking and fears of clandestine capture. Tracking refers to the ability to monitor an individual s actions in real time or over a period of time. In its most extreme incarnation, tracking could become a kind of supersurveillance that lets the tracker follow a person today, as well as search databases to reconstruct his movements from months ago. For example, suppose the authorities place me in their watch list database. As I go about my many daily tasks, surveillance cameras could capture my face and digitally transmit this biometric information for instantaneous searching against the watch list. As I leave my residence, walk to the station, board the subway on my way to work, enter and exit my office building, stop by the ATM, make purchases in stores, visit my doctor, or attend a political rally or religious service, my face will be matched with information in the database, allowing the State to track my movements. Similarly, the authorities can enter on their watch list the biometric information of all those who attended the political rally with me. The authorities could then reverse engineer the identity of these individuals, by searching the database for their previous movements. If such a system were established, it would become possible to compile a comprehensive profile of an individual s movements and activities. The theoretical possibility that the government could compile such massive databases, and that such databases could be used by law enforcement, raises the specter of Big Brother tracking its citizens every move. The clandestine capture of biometric data increases these fears. As the preceding example makes clear, facial recognition systems can surreptitiously track individuals without their knowledge or consent. Moreover, the information from tracking can be combined with other personal data, acquired by other means (through, for example, a social security number), to provide even more information about an individual s private life.
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As the output shows, both child threads are using SumIt( ) at the same time on the same object, and the value of sum is corrupted. The effects of lock are summarized here: For any given object, once a lock has been acquired, the object is locked and no other thread can acquire the lock. Other threads trying to acquire the lock on the same object will enter a wait state until the code is unlocked. When a thread leaves the locked block, the object is unlocked.
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Router(config)# interface loopback port_# Router(config-if)# ip address IP_address subnet_mask
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Due to large variations in grade elevation and undulations of topography close to abutments, retaining walls will be required along I-195. Exact locations, lengths, and heights will be investigated. It is proposed to construct varying heights of walls in incremental steps. Both MSE walls and cast-in-place reinforced concrete alternates will be considered, including two cast-in-place reinforced concrete alternates similar to abutment heights:
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Aesthetic Bridges User s Guide, Maryland State Highway Administration, January 2005. Barratt, Stephen D., New York s First Transparent Noise Barrier, Bridges Magazine, July/August, 2006.
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Figure 16-4: HDSL is impervious to the bridge and splices. The T1 is split onto two pairs. As already mentioned, HDSL runs at 1.544 Mbps (T1 speeds) in North America and at 2.048 Mbps (E1 speeds) in other parts of the world. Both speeds are symmetric (simultaneous in both directions). Originally, HDSL used two wire pairs at distances of up to 15 K'. HDSL at 2.048 Mbps uses three pairs of wire for the same distances, but no longer. The most recent version of HDSL uses only one pair of wire, and is expected to be more accepted by the providers. Nearly all the providers today deliver T1 capabilities on some form of HDSL.
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Here is a: 5, 6, 7 Here is b: 10, 10, 10 Here is c: 0, 0, 0 c is false. a a a a & & | | b c b c is is is is true. false. true. true.
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Here is a sample run produced by the program:
A Single Path for the Customer s Data Imagine for a moment an EVC connecting eight sites, spread across a continent, providing the equivalent of a single shared medium to the customer. Then assume, further, that this customer s data traffic patterns are highly variable, with high-volume unicast and multicast streams originating and being consumed at different sites at different moments in time, as the customer sees fit. Question: Does the provider actually want to carry that customer s traffic along the most direct path from site to site Figure 13.11 shows such a network, simplified to only four customer connections C1 C4. Assuming that the most direct paths between the various customer sites are as shown by the dotted arrows in Figure 13.11, you can see that this one customer s data is scattered all over the network. In fact, there are only three links, T-V, T-W, and V-Y, that never carry data for this customer. And even those links would be used if some sort of equal-cost multipathing were used in the network. While such diffusion is often desirable in an enterprise network, in order to spread the load as much as possible in a carrier network, such advantages can easily be outweighed by the added difficulty of ensuring quality of service guarantees, determining how much bandwidth is required on any given link, and debugging data-dependent customer problems. In Figure 13.12, this customer s EVC is assumed to be confined to a single spanning tree rooted at bridge W. Only the physical links shown as solid lines are used to carry the EVC. Compared to Figure 13.11, traffic between one pair of customer sites, C1-C3, takes a longer path through the network. However, only this one pair suffers; the other five possible pairings take optimal paths. The amount of bandwidth required by the customer on any given link can reasonably be set by the provider, and debugging problems is simpler. More importantly, if you assume that the network shown is a provider
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