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10Loss (in dB)/10. 2 2500 1 1 1 R2. 50 . R3 .
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Table 1-1 Logarithms, Power Ratios, and Voltage Ratios
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The standardized Ethernet UNI essentially provides the MEF-defined capabilities that include an IEEE 802.3 handoff (PHY), provisioning, and enforcing a bandwidth profile for any EVCs initiated there, along with the CoS, and any service multiplexing necessary. The Ethernet OAM provides end-to-end visibility of the Ethernet service(s) and the associated performance SLAs. It also encompasses sophisticated and proactive fault notification so that any potential issues can be addressed remotely before they manifest more broadly. The OAM provides troubleshooting tools to enable such a capability. Most of this is based on the IEEE 802.1ag and ITU Y.1731 standards and can also measure typical SLA components (such as delay, jitter, frame loss, etc.) on a per-service (EVC). The OAM capability, in addition to ensuring that the Ethernet services are being delivered per the SLAs, also reduces the Service Provider OPEX by providing the ability to address most of the typical service issues remotely (and thereby precluding expensive truck rolls). Finally, the media conversion capability provides a standardized UNI to the customer while supporting a host of last/first mile transport technologies and media to
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Figure 26.16 Frame alignment signals are present at each hierarchial level in PDH. Each can be ac-
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Geographic New accounts
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Answers: 2,3,5
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This program reads characters entered at the keyboard and determines whether they belong to the alphabet:
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The if Statement
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Reverse Trunk
implicit parameter that contains the value being assigned. You do not need to (nor can you) declare it. It is not necessary for an indexer to support both get and set. You can create a read-only indexer by implementing only the get accessor. You can create a write-only indexer by implementing only set.
Biometric authentication, the subject of this book, relies on any automatically measurable physical characteristic or personal trait that is distinctive to an individual. Common biometric verification techniques try to match measurements from Cathy s fingerprint, hand, eye, face, or voice to measurements that were previously collected from her. There are two general applications for this: identification and verification. With identification, the biometric system asks and attempts to answer the question, Who is X In an identification application, the biometric device reads a sample, processes it, and compares it against
Queue Queue 10 20 Queue Queue initialized. initialized. 19 1 destroyed. destroyed.
As the mesh of the partition becomes ner and ner, this (Riemann) sum will tend to the integral
Number of Camera Angles Maximum Data Rate (TS_Recording_Rate)
StdCnt 8 AvgGPA 3.0625
Fig. 10.8 Typical Refrigerator Box
Tin (b) Equivalent system.
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cation, HyCD, would have versions that support major platforms (including Silicon Graphics workstations, Sun Microsystems machines, Windows 95/98/NT. Macintosh support is suspiciously absent, but this omission is probably forgivable since the Mac native format is supported in the hybrid approach. HyCD, Inc. has designed their software to include most of the multimedia formats, including CD Plus (Enhanced CD), Mixed Mode, CD-ROM XA, Video CD, and Red Book audio. The program also includes a number of features that are sometimes only seen in high-end professional caliber applications. The ability to control individual le placement on disc is a welcome feature for developers who are constantly tweaking disc geography to gain playback advantages. Support for autoloaders and robotics lets the HyCD Publisher be integrated into production environments. The support for CD-RW drives extends the usefulness of the product to backup and archiving, as well as premastering applications. HyCD, Inc. also claims full support for the most recent disc recorders on the market. HyCD publisher is also bundled with disc recorders from some manufacturers, including JVC and Ricoh. Software upgrades are available through their Web site (www.HyCD.com), as well as their new products, such as HyCD Play&Record v3.0, an audio tool that can burn MP3 les directly to disc (among many other audio features). Integration of the Fraunhofer MP3 audio compression software into the upgraded version of this product provides powerful encoding capabilities beyond the more pedestrian MP3 encoders. Different manufacturers have different solutions to hybrid disc creation. If this aspect of CD recording is important to your end application, you will probably want to thoroughly investigate the approach taken by each software producer. HyCD provides a practical solution to developers who want to release titles that encompass the full range of platforms. Among a number of competitors, HyCD excels at hybrid creation. HyCD, Inc.
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