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As data are input into the TDM shown on the left side of Figure 8.4, they scan each input, gathering a byte or a bit for formation into a frame for transmission. Because the TDM at the opposite end of the circuit performs demultiplexing by placing all received bytes or bits onto an output channel according to their positions within a frame, spaces or blanks representing the absence of activity are included in a frame. While the TDM in the right portion of Figure 8.4 is shown demultiplexing data, each TDM performs both multiplexing and demultiplexing data by time.
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Sometimes you will want to use a reference parameter to receive a value from a method but not pass in a value. For example, you might have a method that performs some function, such as opening a network socket, that returns a success/fail code in a reference parameter. In this case, there is no information to pass into the method, but there is information to pass back out. The problem with this scenario is that a ref parameter must be initialized to a value prior to the call. Thus, to use a ref parameter would require giving the argument a dummy value just to satisfy this constraint. Fortunately, C# provides a better alternative: the out parameter. An out parameter is similar to a ref parameter with this one exception: It can only be used to pass a value out of a method. It is not necessary (or useful) to give the variable used as an out parameter an initial value prior to calling the method. The method will give the variable a value. Furthermore, inside the method, an out parameter is always considered unassigned; that is, it is assumed to have no initial value. Instead, the method must assign the parameter a value prior to the method s termination. Thus, after the call to the method, the variable referred to by an out parameter will contain a value. Here is an example that uses an out parameter. The method RectInfo( ) returns the area of a rectangle given the lengths of its sides. In the parameter isSquare, it returns true if the rectangle is a square and false otherwise. Thus, RectInfo( ) returns two pieces of information to the caller.
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1 CR-V3 lithium battery pack, or 2 AA NiMH batteries, AA lithium batteries, AA NiCd batteries Auto for low light and backlight Red-eye reduction Fill-in (forced on) Night scene Forced off USB, NTSC video out, DC input EXIF, JPEG, DCF QuickTime motion JPEG 320 240, 160 120 ppi 15 Information not available 4.4 2.4 1.4 inches 6.3 ounces without batteries or SmartMedia card 12-second self-time Date and time stamp with photo data Resize, sepia, black-and-white image effects Supports digital print order format (DPOF) for direct-to-printer printing Camedia Master provides photo management, retouching, including stitching together up to 10 photos to create a panorama and printing 16MB memory card USB cable Video out cable Carrying strap 2 AA alkaline batteries
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blue. Because the eye perceives color as a combination of these three stimuli, any color can be described as a combination of these primary colors.10 Televisions work by using three electron beams to cause different phosphors on the face of the television tube to emit red, green, or blue light, abbreviated to RGB. Television cameras record images in RGB format, and computers generally store images in RGB format. RGB values are a combination of brightness and color. Each triplet of numbers represents the intensity of each primary color. As just noted, however, the eye is more sensitive to brightness than to color. Therefore, if the RGB values are separated into a brightness component and a color component, the color information can be more heavily compressed. The brightness information is called luminance and is often denoted as Y .11 Luminance is essentially what you see when you watch a black-and-white TV. Luminance is the range of intensity from black (0 percent) through gray (50 percent) to white (100 percent). A logical assumption is that each RGB value would contribute one-third of the intensity information, but the eye is most sensitive to green, less sensitive to red, and least sensitive to blue, so a uniform average would yield a yellowish green image instead of a gray image.12 Consequently, it is necessary to use a weighted sum corresponding to the spectral sensitivity of the eye, which is about 70 percent green, 20 percent red, and 10 percent blue (Figure 2.5). The remaining color information is called chrominance (denoted as C), which is made up of hue (the proportion of color the redness, orangeness, greenness, etc.), and saturation (the purity of the color, from pastel to vivid). For the purposes of compression and converting from RGB, it is easier to use color difference information rather than hue and saturation. The color information is what s left after the luminance is removed. By subtracting the luminance value from each RGB value, three color difference signals are created: R-Y, G-Y, and B-Y. Only three stimulus values are needed, so only two color difference signals need to be included with the luminance signal. Since green is the largest component of luminance, it has the smallest difference signal (G makes up the largest part of Y, so G-Y results in the smallest values). The smaller the signal, the more it is subject to errors caused by noise, so B-Y and R-Y are the best choice for use as the color difference values. The green color infor10You may have learned that the primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. Technically, these are magenta, yellow, and cyan and usually refer to pigments rather than colors. A magenta ink absorbs green light, thus controlling the amount of green color perceived by the eye. Since white light is composed of equal amounts of all three colors, removing green leaves red and blue, which together form magenta. Likewise, yellow ink absorbs blue light, and cyan ink absorbs red light. Reflected light, such as that from a painting, is formed from the character of the illuminating light and the absorption of the pigments. Projected light, such as that from a television, is formed from the intensities of the three primary colors. Since video is projected, it deals with red, green, and blue colors. 11The use of Y for luminance comes from the XYZ color system defined by the Commission Internationale de
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AASHTO Code State design codes (text) State and in-house standard details Textbooks, handbooks, and HEC-18, HEC-23, etc. Computer software/math CAD and Excel spread sheets Technical speci cations Construction speci cations
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For certain business questions, you may need to issue multiple queries to arrive at your desired result. Web Intelligence s ability to generate multiple SQL statements and present them to you as one report is referred to as multipass SQL. In some cases, you as the query author may explicitly create two distinct queries. In other cases, Web Intelligence will do this for you automatically if your universe contains contexts or derived tables. Even when Web Intelligence creates multiple SELECT statements automatically, from the user perspective, there is only one data provider; it appears you are building one query. Web Intelligence generates multiple SQL statements and dynamically stitches the results together, often unbeknown to you (unless you view the SQL). This capability is one of the features that allow you to use Web Intelligence against complex data models such as those in a transaction system or against data warehouses that contain multiple star schemas. As long as your dimensions or GROUP BY clause for the two queries are exactly the same,
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Profile 1.1 Functionality
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10.000% 10.000% =E137* SUM(D136:E136)/2 >>>
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One handy feature of ACLs is that you can include remarks with this command:
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Web Server
SS7 Signaling Monitoring Systems 776 Network Management
When you get the fingerprint back from the CA on the root certificate this is the selfsigned signature the CA placed on its own certificate verify the fingerprint by calling the CA administrator and manually comparing the two values. This is the only part of the certificate process that is susceptible to a man-in-the-middle attack. Here s an example of obtaining the CA root certificate:
// Set union. public static Set operator +(Set ob1, Set ob2) { Set newset = new Set(ob1); // copy the first set // Add unique elements from second set. for(int i=0; i < ob2.Length; i++) newset = newset + ob2[i]; return newset; // return updated set } // Set difference. public static Set operator -(Set ob1, Set ob2) { Set newset = new Set(ob1); // copy the first set // Subtract elements from second set for(int i=0; i < ob2.Length; i++) newset = newset - ob2[i]; return newset; // return updated set }
Rename an existing context
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