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Perhaps the most important use of anonymous methods is with events. As you will see later in this chapter, often an anonymous method is the most efficient means of coding an event handler.
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other type. Also, since arrays are implemented as objects, a variable of type object can also refer to any array. Technically, the C# name object is just another name for System.Object, which is part of the .NET Framework class library. The object class defines the methods shown in Table 11-1, which means that they are available in every object. A few of these methods warrant some additional explanation. By default, the Equals(object) method determines if the invoking object refers to the same object as the one referred to by the argument. (That is, it determines if the two references are the same.) It returns true if the objects are the same, and false otherwise. You can override this method in classes that you create. Doing so allows you to define what equality means relative to a class. For example, you could define Equals(object) so that it compares the contents of two objects for equality. The Equals(object, object) method invokes Equals(object) to compute its result. The GetHashCode( ) method returns a hash code associated with the invoking object. This hash code can be used with any algorithm that employs hashing as a means of accessing stored objects. As mentioned in 9, if you overload the = = operator, then you will usually need to override Equals(object) and GetHashCode( ) because most of the time you will want the = = operator and the Equals(object) methods to function the same. When Equals( ) is overridden, you should also override GetHashCode( ), so that the two methods are compatible. The ToString( ) method returns a string that contains a description of the object on which it is called. Also, this method is automatically called when an object is output using
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CTX1: Active CTX2: Standby
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The ingress PE has to replicate broadcast, multicast, and unknown frames to all other PEs in the VPLS. As the number of PEs in the VPLS grows, the replication overhead also grows. Because PEs are generally located at the edges of the network, they may have limited bandwidth available for replicating traffic. A full mesh of MPLS LSPs, Ethernet pseudowires, and targeted LDP sessions are required between all the PEs in the VPLS. If RSVP-TE LSPs are used, this may severely constrain VPLS scaling (see MPLS Scaling, earlier in the chapter).
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Microsoft plans the next version of Office to offer a browser-based option so that users can read and edit documents online as well as offer the ability for users to collaborate using web, mobile, and client versions of Office. Microsoft is a little late to the cloud party and isn t a leader in cloud computing. That honor goes to Google and Amazon, and more and more companies are offering cloud services, so if Microsoft wants to stay competitive, they re going to have to pick up the pace. Microsoft s cloud offerings can be found online at www.microsoft.com/azure/default .mspx. For some, the term cloud computing is simply hype. But for others who want to embrace it, cloud computing is a great way for IT professionals to focus less on their datacenters, and more on the work of information technology.
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On the other hand, you can start with a showroom-new vehicle like that shown in Figure 10-5 and own a conversion you ll be really proud of. In addition, removing everything from its crowded engine compartment as shown in Figure 10-6 is easier because all the parts are clean and without accumulated road grime.
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Items to be determined Electrical conduit Data J hangers Domestic gas Pressure piping
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dB 36 39 40 50 Power or S/N Ratio 4000.0 : 1 8000.0 : 1 10000.0 : 1 100000.0 : 1
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SOLUTION First, looking in a table of trig functions, we note that 3 cos = , 6 2 We have z = 4( 3 + j) = 8 1 3 +j 2 2 = 8 cos + j sin 6 6 sin 1 = 6 2
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Scaling Metro Ethernet Deployments
B, D, and H channels. A bearer channel (B channel) is the primary user channel. It is designed to carry data in full duplex mode end-to-end and has a data rate of 64 kbps. A data channel (D channel) carries control signaling, not user data (although it can be used for low-rate data transfer, telemetry, and alarm transmission). It is responsible for call setup, maintenance, and termination between the user and the network at either end of a connection. A D channel can be either 16 or 64 kbps, depending on the interface. Three hybrid channels (H channels) are defined to support high data-rate applications such as video and teleconferencing. The first, H0, has a data rate of 384 kbps; the second, H11, a data rate of 1536 kbps; and the third, H12, a data rate of 1920 kbps. BRI and PRI interfaces. There are two kinds of ISDN local loop access, Basic Rate Interface (BRI) and Primary Rate Interface (PRI). The BRI specification calls for a 192 kbps digital pipe consisting of two B channels (64 kbps each), one 16 kbps D channel, and 48 kbps of operating overhead. This interface is geared to the needs of residential subscribers and small businesses. In most cases, basic rate access can be implemented on existing 2-wire circuits (local loop). The PRI specification requires a digital pipe of 1.544 Mbps divided among 23 B channels, one 64 kbps D channel, and 8 kbps of operating overhead. Outside North America, the PRI standard is 2.048 Mbps, which provides 30 B channels and one 64 kbps D channel and 64 kbps operating overhead. PRI is intended for larger offices and can support LAN and PBX traffic. Primary rate access is carried by metallic local loop using conventional 4-wire PCM technology and framing (discussed in section 34.3).
To see a summary of the VPN sessions established on the appliances or the actual sessions themselves, respectively, use the following two commands:
The output is shown here:
Fig. S4.6(b) Fig. S4.6(a)
format. It was sort of chronological in that I used my calendar to help me remember what I did, but it was a mishmash. On the third of the month, for example, I might have reviewed the closing nancials of the month before. That would tickle my memory that I worked on next year s capital budget during the last week of the month, and so I d digress about that. The activity report was disorganized and hard to follow. Once I started using the category organizational structure, the entire process became more manageable. As a nancial analyst, my work is pretty routine. So I was able to set categories and then simply update the report each month. It saved me hours of work. And the report was easier to read and more focused.
A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
An independent reference must point to some object. Thus, an independent reference must be initialized when it is declared. Generally, this means that it will be assigned the address of a previously declared variable. Once this is done, the name of the reference variable can be used anywhere that the variable it refers to can be used. In fact, there is virtually no distinction between the two. For example, consider the program shown here:
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