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A Better Universe
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Synchronization Field Sometimes called the sync code, this 12-byte eld enables the laser read mechanism to synchronize with disc rotation before reading data from a sector. The eld itself consists of introductory and closing hexadecimal 00 values bracketing a series of hexadecimal FFs. Table of Contents (Disc) A region near the center of a compact disc containing the total number of tracks, the starting location of each track, and the extent of the data area on the disc. Thermal Recalibration A feature on many high-volume hard disk drives that dynamically adjusts and calibrates read and write operations based on temperature variations. Thermal recalibration cycles in the middle of recording a compact disc can interrupt and damage the recording. Throughput The sum quantity of data that can be moved through a given data channel. Throughput measures the ef ciency and capacity of data transfer within a system. Track The physical path on which information is stored on both magnetic and optical storage media. On CD-ROMs, tracks are arranged in a spiral from the center of the disc. On hard disk drives, tracks appear in concentric circles and are independent of each other.
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FIGURE 21-10 Alerter Display dialog
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The C# Language
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Section VI - The Future
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1. When a specimen of steel is subjected to increasing axial load, a point is reached when axial stress is no longer proportional to strain. Hooke s Law is no longer applicable and the material is said to be yielding. Ductile metals like steel exhibit yielding and subsequent plastic deformation. Theories of yielding based on principal stresses and strains are summarized here. 2. Von Mises shear strain theory which is based on principal stress difference is most accurate and correlates best to experimental behavior. 3. Tresca maximum shear stress theory gives reasonable predictions and has a simpler mathematical form. 4. Rankine criteria for maximum principal stress: When a point in a material is subjected to principal stresses in three directions, yield of material will occur under the maximum of the three principal stresses for applied tension. As an alternative, yield of material will occur under the minimum of the three principal stresses for applied compression.
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Carry out the integration to find the average value of the sine function over one
Apart from considering the merits of the game as a product, a publisher has to decide if developing it in-house is the best use of its available people. This usually isn t a difficult decision if the prospective development team has been on-staff for a while, because the company knows them and their strengths and weaknesses. If the publisher really likes the product but not the available team, they can always look for an external developer instead.
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As mentioned in the last paragraph, one way to access the System Configuration Dialog is to boot up a router without a configuration in NVRAM. The second way is to use the setup Privilege EXEC mode command, shown here:
Some cameras have a menu option to enable digital zoom. Refer to your camera manual for additional information.
Figure 2-2 The ScanMaker 4800, shown here with an adapter for digitizing slides and negatives, is a flatbed scanner.
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