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#include <iostream> using namespace std; void cube(int *n, int num); int main() { int i, nums[10]; for(i=0; i<10; i++) nums[i] = i+1; cout << "Original contents: "; for(i=0; i<10; i++) cout << nums[i] << ' '; cout << '\n'; cube(nums, 10); // compute cubes cout << "Altered contents: "; for(i=0; i<10; i++) cout << nums[i] << ' '; return 0; } void cube(int *n, int num) { while(num) {
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IGDA Curriculum Framework
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Closing Thoughts 159 Review Concepts 160 Questions 160 Problems 161 References for Further Study
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The output from the program is shown here:
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Common Gynecologic Procedures
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Since the equivalent stiffness is simply the sum of the two individual spring stiffnesses, if the two springs have very different stiffnesses, the equivalent stiffness will be dominated by the spring with higher stiffness. Springs in Series. Two springs connected end-to-end, as shown in Fig. 11.15a, are de ned to be connected in series. These springs can also be replaced by a single equivalent spring in Fig. 11.15b. The stiffness of the equivalent spring can be derived by realizing that the forces must sum to zero at the point where the springs connect for the spring to be in equilibrium. As a result, the force exerted on each spring is the same F1 = F2 = F. (11.52)
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Hi Jim: I am writing in response to yesterday s conference call in which I was embarrassed that I wasn t up-to-date in my information about the ABC Corporation deal. I think it s important that we address this issue right away. First, ABC said that I need to coordinate with you more effectively to save them the job of repeating conversations. This was pretty humiliating to me as you and I certainly ought to be in close touch about this customer. Second, I expect you to keep me up-to-date at every step along the way. I expect you to do that without my having to hear updates from the customer. Best, Paula
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Creating Your Own Font
Tube 1 2 3 4 Initial temperature ( C) Final temperature ( C) Average temperature ( C) Reaction time (s) Rate of reaction
Compare this with the results from Prob. 5-4. The increase in temperature from 295 K to 310 K causes a decrease in the fraction of molecules at the lowest energy level, from 66% to 64.6%. At the same time it causes an increase in the fraction of molecules in the higher energy levels. F2 went from 24.7% to 25.4%, and F3 went from 9.3% to 10.0%. These results are summarized in Table 5-5. Increasing the temperature increases the internal energy of the system which, according to statistical mechanics, is equivalent to increasing the average energy of the molecules in the system. Statistical mechanics also tells us that this increase in average energy comes about by moving some of the molecules in the lowest energy level to higher energy levels.
but keep the size of the button to approximately the size you d want it on your web page under an inch is fine for this example. Then with the Text Tool type $ and give the symbol a fill color that contrasts with the button color.
Figure 4.2 The Independence Hall project in SketchUp showing the imported drawings placed in the 3D model.
Real-World Chemistry
First Stage DMZ
3. With the line still selected, click the Straight Connector button. The Angled
Dividing by Vmax and multiplying by 0.9 1, e
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Control MCU
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