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Part Four
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Section V: Review Questions and Answers
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were performed by the organization s own staff using its own assets. However, it may be difficult to audit the services provided by a third-party supplier for several reasons: Distance The supplier may be located in a remote region, and travel to the supplier s location may be costly. Lack of audit contract terms The organization may not have a clause in its contract with the supplier that requires cooperation with auditors. While it may be said that the organization should have negotiated a right-to-audit clause, this point may be moot at the time of the audit. Lack of cooperation The supplier might not cooperate with the organization s auditors. Noncooperation takes many forms, including taking excessive time to return inquiries and providing incomplete or inadequate records. An audit report may include one or more findings (nonconformities) related to the lack of cooperation; this may provide sufficient leverage to force the supplier to improve its cooperation, or for the organization to look for a new supplier. An ideal situation is one where a supplier undergoes regular third-party audits that are relevant to the services provided, and where the supplier makes those audit results available on request.
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Presentation Server Troubleshooting
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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Use a parameterized method to compute the fuel needed to drive the specified number of miles.
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Finally, the MainMenu object must be assigned to the Menu property of the form, as shown here:
double strtod(const char *start, char **end) long double _strtold(const char *start, char **end)
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18 When we refer to Ethernet, we usually mean the CSMA/CD Ethernet. 19
In C#, the assignment operator is the single equal sign. It copies the value on its right side into the variable on its left. The next line of code outputs the value of length preceded by the string length contains.
instead of To Center. Pretend that this is your business, and you want a classylooking logo so you can make this the ad for the $24.99 Special!
The prototype for assert( ) is in <assert.h>. The assert( ) macro writes error information to stderr and aborts program execution if the expression exp evaluates to 0. Otherwise, assert( ) does nothing. The output of the function is in this general form: Assertion failed: exp, file <file >, line <linenum > The assert( ) macro is generally used to help verify that a program is operating correctly; the expression is devised so that it evaluates true only when no errors have taken place. It is not necessary to remove the assert( ) statements from the source code once a program is debugged, because if the macro NDEBUG is defined (as anything) before the <assert.h> header is included, the assert( ) macros are ignored.
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