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Hertz (1882, 1895) established the state of stress and strain between two contacting elastic bodies. In this section we present two cases: (a) two crowned rollers and (b) two cylindrical rollers. Figure 9.1 shows two crowned rollers of different sizes in elastic contact. A plane tangent to each body at the touching point forms the tangent plane. If the bodies are now pressed together so that the collinear force is normal to the tangent plane, deformation takes place and a small contact area will replace the contact point O of the unloaded state. First, we will nd the size and shape of this contact area and distribution of normal pressure. Then we can calculate the stresses and strains that the interfacial pressure induces in the contacting members. Hertz assumed that (a) the two contacting bodies are isotropic and elastic in accordance with Hookes law, (b) the contact area is quite small compared to the radii of curvature of the undeformed bodies, and (c) only normal pressures that exist during contact are prevalent. Displacements in the xy plane and shearing tractions are neglected. In Fig. 9.1, the pressure distribution between the two contacting bodies form a semiellipsoid, and the surface of contact traced on the tangent plane will have an elliptical boundary. The intensity of pressure over the surface of contact is represented by the coordinates of the semiellipsoid x 2 y2 p = p0 1 - 2 - 2 a b
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from mathematics where a function gives one value. A relationship that has a m a x i m u m cardinality o f one in one direction and more than one (many) in the other direction is called a 1-M (read one-to-many) relationship. Both the
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Door/Window Sensors
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sort in descending order, reverse the outcome of the comparison. When implementing IComparable<T>, you will usually pass the type name of the implementing class as a type argument. The following example reworks the preceding program so that it uses IComparable<T>. Notice it uses the generic List<T> collection rather than the non-generic ArrayList.
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A client may use the optional organization specific OAM frame to implement additional OAM functions not specified by the standard. Stations may accumulate performance parameters related to the RPR layer to enable the detection of developing failures before a total outage is detected. RPR error monitoring is based on the fairness frame errors. Performance monitoring counters are accumulated for: errored fairness frames, errored seconds, severely errored seconds, and unavailable seconds.
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C++ from the Ground Up
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An alternative approach to this view would be to swap the items on the dimensions so that Gross Profit would appear on the Series and Product Model Lines would appear on the Bottom Axis. Switching the dimensions has little change at first, as the Big Blue Bar is still there. However, the first major change is that clicking on the bar when previewing with the Browse window doesn t do anything. This is because the default is to drill down on whatever is on the Series or Y-axis, and with a measure there is nothing to which a user can drill down. At this point there are two options. First, the user can right-click on a bar, choose Drill Down To, locate the dimension, and then the level to which they choose to drill down. Unfortunately, the current hierarchy on the X-axis, in this case Product Model Lines, is grayed out in the Drill Down To list, which means this will not allow someone to drill down to an item that is already on the report. Instead, the user can right-click on the Big Blue Bar and choose Switch to All Products. This switches the chart so that
Part II:
The start line of a SIP response is a status line. This contains a status code, which is a three-digit number indicating the outcome of the request. The start line will also contain a reason phrase, which provides a textual description of the outcome. The reason code will be interpreted and acted upon by the client software, while the reason-phrase could be presented to the human user to aid in understanding the response. The syntax of the status line is
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To keep the code simple, the examples in this chapter catch only IOException, but your own code may need to handle other possible exceptions or handle the I/O exceptions individually.
The Synchronous Methods De ned by WebClient
Exploring the C# Library
The data is kept as a table of time stamps containing key-down and key-up events. The resulting features are expressed as dwell time (time that key is depressed) and flight time (latency between key down events) for the various digraphs. While all systems are based on the same general idea, there are no agreed standards for keystroke representation. Some systems treat the shift key and the space key differently or may chose to ignore punctuation keys. Password hardening systems would acknowledge every keystroke, but may selectively use trigraphs and tetragraphs. Keystroke dynamics have also been studied and tested for use with numeric keypads. Such systems, if effective, could have an enormous application area for phone systems, automated teller machines (ATMs), or even cash registers. Numeric keypads differ from keyboards in that most people use keypads in a pecking fashion with a single finger and hand. As a result, keypad dynamics do not contain the same neuromuscular information present with two-hand keyboard dynamics. A recent study of user authentication on keypad-based devices put keystroke dynamics to the test. The study tested 14 users using a common six-digit personal identification number (PIN), and processed the data through three classification techniques: a neural network, minimum distance, and Mahalanobis distance (Ord and Furnell 1999). For the test data, the neural network provided the best results but still had a false acceptance rate (FAR) of 9.9 percent with the corresponding false rejection rate (FRR) arbitrarily set to 30 percent (assumed to be human patience threshold for being incorrectly rejected). An 11-digit PIN (10 latency measurements) provided better results than did the 6-digit PIN, but of course the increased number of digits becomes too long for most people to commit to memory. The authors conclude that the error rate of keystroke authentication is too high for use in ATM or phone applications. Even with a generously imposed FRR of 30 percent, the FAR was still 9.9 percent, meaning that if a six-digit PIN is lost or stolen, the system would allow unauthorized use of the PIN 1 out of 10 times. As multiple attempts would have to be allowed (as the FRR was set to 30 percent), the net result is that the system would just add inconvenience to authorized users and still would not be able to prevent unauthorized access.
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