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Artistic Text will serve you best for illustration headlines, callouts, and on any occasion when you want to create text that has a special effect such as extrusion, an envelope, text on a path, and so on. To add a line of Artistic Text to a document, click an insertion point with the Text Tool and then type your phrase; alternatively, after clicking an insertion point, you can press CTRL+V to paste any text you have loaded on Windows clipboard. Creating several lines of Artistic Text simply involves typing and then pressing ENTER to put a carriage return at the end of the line; you then continue typing. By default all Artistic Text is set in Arial 24 point; later in this chapter you ll see how to change the default.
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Table 1-1. Citrix Presentation Server Feature Grid (Continued)
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char p_cs_precedes;
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Row differences. If you have two or more columns of numbers and you want to check if any of the cells are different across the rows, highlight the columns and then choose this option. It will show you all the rows where the numbers are not identical.
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Optical Element Testers 654 Network Test Instrumentation
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of the mastering procedure. If you own a desktop CD recorder or DVD recorder, the equipment itself con rms the fact that these principles work quite well. Light derived from conventional natural or arti cial sources consists of photons that move in random wave patterns, even when they originate from light beams of the same frequency. Light beams of this sort of are considered incoherent the uncoordinated waves travel freely in all directions. In contrast, light that originates from a laser is coherent. Coherent light moves in neat, orderly waves, which makes it useful for a host of scienti c applications. Coherent light is created through stimulated emission, a fact which is noted in the acronym laser: light ampli cation by stimulated emission of radiation. A laser beam is created when a source of energy is introduced into what is called an active medium. A pair of mirrors positioned on each side of the active medium is used to channel a portion of the radiation that strikes it. The active medium can consist of a gaseous mix (such as helium and neon) or ions within a crystalline matrix (such as is found in the galliumarsenide lasers typically used in CD-ROM drives and recorders). The materials and the energy source used to stimulate the light determine the strength and intensity of the resulting beam. The lasers used within CDROM and DVD-ROM equipment are of extremely low power. If you boost the power suf ciently, more energy-intensive forms of the laser can used to burn holes in things like 59 Cadillacs and to melt roo ng shingles. The CD-ROM drive laser is directed at the spinning disc and the re ected light passes through a lens and strikes a photodiode. Data on the disc surface is encoded in the form of pits (indentations in the disc) and lands (the level surface of the disc). Logic timing circuits coupled to the photodiode can register the difference between the distance the light has traveled when it strikes the disc surface and the distance it has traveled when it strikes an indentation in the disc surface. This difference is detected as a phase shift in the light beam. This basic technique and some closely related variations make it possible to store and retrieve data from the surface of an optical disc. As with all things digital, the pattern composed of pits and lands relayed as a electronic string of 1 s and 0 s by the photodiode can represent much more complex analog equivalents, such as the envelope of a soundwave or the passage of shapes and colors in a video sequence. Figure 2 - 1 illustrates the fundamental components of a CD-ROM drive (which are not drawn to scale). code 39 generator open source
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Hold down the SHIFT key to constrain a rectangular marquee selection to a square or to constrain an elliptical marquee selection to a circle. Remember to release the mouse button prior to releasing the SHIFT key, or the selection will no longer be constrained.
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cabling is to connect a 9-volt battery to the cable, using alligator clips. Then, using the multimeter, set the detector to a DC voltage of 20V. Measure the voltage coming out of the battery for a baseline reading (it s rare that the voltage will be precisely 9V). Next, place one test lead on each conductor end, then measure the voltage. If the voltage difference is more than .5V for every 100 feet, the cable is damaged or defective. Figure 5-16 illustrates this. The battery method tends to be the more popular, chiefly because the ends of the cabling need not be twisted together.
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Advantages of Address Translation
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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
Choosing the best disc recording application for your purposes from a group of descriptions is not easy, especially when the competitive features and pricing of these applications is so closely aligned. We hope that this chapter has at least given you a solid basis for comparing feature sets and learning a bit more about what is involved in the disc recording process. We ve bundled demonstration versions of several CD recorder applications on the CD-ROM included with this book. We invite you to sample these programs in the hopes you ll gain additional insights about the look and feel of programs in this category. Most of the demonstration programs allow you to create CD images sometimes putting a limit on the size of the image and perform actual recordings if you have a CD recorder available. The best CD-recorder applications tend to be expensive, so it is generally wise to spend some time investigating the various features, the hardware support provided, the methods for creating images, the overall interface design, and other related features. You may nd that the best solution is to select one package tailored to backup and archiving to CD-R for everyday le storage and a more professional application for your multimedia development or electronic publishing requirements. As next-generation CD software based on full drive-letter accessibility becomes widely available, programs that permit rapid le transfers and storage will also become useful additions to the toolkits of CD-ROM developers.
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So far, all of the variables that we have been using are declared at the start of the Main( ) method. However, C# allows a local variable to be declared within any block. As explained in 1, a block begins with an opening curly brace and ends with a closing curly brace. A block defines a scope. Thus, each time you start a new block, you are creating a new scope. A scope determines what names are visible to other parts of your program without qualification. It also determines the lifetime of local variables. The most important scopes in C# are those defined by a class and those defined by a method. A discussion of class scope (and variables declared within it) is deferred until later in this book, when classes are described. For now, we will examine only the scopes defined by or within a method. The scope defined by a method begins with its opening curly brace and ends with its closing curly brace. However, if that method has parameters, they too are included within the scope defined by the method. As a general rule, local variables declared inside a scope are not visible to code that is defined outside that scope. Thus, when you declare a variable within a scope, you are protecting it from access or modification from outside the scope. Indeed, the scope rules provide the foundation for encapsulation. Scopes can be nested. For example, each time you create a block of code, you are creating a new, nested scope. When this occurs, the outer scope encloses the inner scope. This means that local variables declared in the outer scope will be visible to code within the inner scope.
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As you can see in the preceding example, you are prompted for a challenge password you must enter something here even if the CA is not using challenge passwords. You have the option of including the serial number of the appliance on the certificate, and then the appliance requests the certificate.
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