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In organizations where IT provides significant value, the board of directors should have an IT strategy committee. This group will advise the board of directors on strategies to enable better IT support of the organization s overall strategy and objectives. The IT strategy committee can meet with the organization s top IT executives to impart the board s wishes directly to them. This works best as a two-way conversation,
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The successive derivative control for the DRD cam action can be generalized y = Cpq p + Cqq q + Crq r + Csq s . . . which can be shown (Stoddart, 1953) having the boundary control conditions equal to zero at the endpoints Cp = Cq = Cr = C0 qrs . . . ( q - p)( r - p)( s - p) . . . C0 prs . . . ( p - q )( r - q )( s - q ) . . . C0 pqs . . . ( p - r )( q - r )( s - r ) . . .
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The logical operators are used to support the basic logical operations AND, OR, and NOT, according to the following truth table. The table uses 1 for true and 0 for false. p 0 0 1 1 q 0 1 1 0 p AND q 0 0 1 0 p OR q 0 1 1 1 NOT p 1 1 0 0
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To ... Control whether or not shadowing is allowed Allow or deny permission for users to shadow connections Use the server s time zone instead of the client s estimated local time zone Use the server s time zone instead of the client s time zone Identify which credential repository to use when using Citrix Password Manager Prevent the use of Citrix Password Manager Override the delivery protocol for applications streamed to client
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where VP fraction of the speed of light for the microstrip transmission line compared to light in a vacuum and EEFF effective dielectric constant as seen by the microstrip transmission line. c. Calculate the wavelength of the frequency of interest in a perfect vacuum:
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The ActiveX tab contains ActiveX objects, as shown in Figure 29-11. The components are briefly explained here. Chartfx VSSpell F1Book VtChart Helps create charts. Helps create a spell checker program. Helps create a spreadsheet. Helps create 3D charts.
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ISACA auditing standards require that the auditor retain technical competence. With the continuation of technology and business process innovation, auditors need to continue learning about new technologies, how they support business processes, and how they are controlled. Like many professions, IS auditing requires continuing education to stay current with changes in technology. Some of the ways that an IS auditor can update their knowledge and skills include: ISACA training and conferences As the developer of the CISA certification, ISACA offers many valuable training and conference events, including: Computer Audit, Control, and Security Conference (CACS) IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance Conference Information Security and Risk Management Conference ISACA Training Week University courses This can include both for-credit and noncredit classes on new technologies. Some universities offer certificate programs on many new technologies; this can give an auditor a real boost of knowledge, skills, and confidence. Voc-tech training Many organizations offer training in information technologies, including MIS Training Institute, SANS, Intense School, and ISACA. Training webinars These events are usually focused on a single topic and last from one to three hours. ISACA and many other organizations offer training webinars, which are especially convenient since they require no travel and many are offered at no cost. ISACA chapter training Many ISACA chapters offer regular training events so that local members can acquire new knowledge and skills where they live. Other security association training Many other security-related trade associations offer training, including ISSA (International Systems Security Association), SANS Institute (Systems administrations, Audit, Network, Security), and CSI (Computer Security Institute). Training sessions are offered online, in classrooms, and at conferences.
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Group delay The measurement, in nanoseconds, of the time retardation created by a filter or circuit to any discrete signal that passes through it. When the group delay varies across the passband significantly, as it does in tight Chebyshev filters (and to a certain extent in Butterworth filters), this will cause increased BER in digital radios. This variation in the group delay, called group delay variations (GDV), is especially severe at the edges of a filter s passband, so any filter that has steep skirts and/or a high pole count will have a high GDV. The problem can be lessened by widening the filter s passband beyond what is required by the signal; using fewer filter poles; or choosing a Butterworth type or, if selectivity specifications permit it, a Bessel filter response. GDV is directly equated to the differential delay specification above. Insertion loss The attenuation created in a filter within the center of its passband when the filter is terminated at its design impedance. Measured in dB. Insertion loss linearity The measure, in dB, in the variations in insertion loss with input power. Primarily a problem with crystal filters. Passband The band of frequencies from fLOW to fHIGH that a filter passes with 3 dB or less attenuation (fLOW and fHIGH are located at points where the insertion losses reach, typically, 3 dB). Measured in Hz. Passband ripple The amplitude fluctuations within a filter s passband. A ripple greater than 0.5 dB is usually considered unacceptable in digitally modulated radios. Chebyshev is the dominant filter topology that contains ripple within its passband. However, this ripple can be decreased to 0.1 dB or less by low-ripple Cheby designs. Phase shift The measurement of the variation of the phase of a signal as it moves through a filter from its input to its output. Poles Refers to the number of reactive components, inductors or capacitors, in a low-pass or high-pass filter; or the number of reactive pairs in a bandpass filter (for an all-pole filter). The filter s order matches its poles in an all-pole filter, and the number of poles governs the steepness of the filter s skirts. Q (quality factor) The ratio of the center frequency to its bandwidth at its 3-dB-down points. The narrower the bandwidth for the same center frequency, the higher the filter Q. Q also refers to the quality factor of the individual components that make up the filter. This is particularly important for inductors within the LC filter circuit, since the lower the individual Q s within each component, the higher the filter s insertion loss will be. The stopbands will also have a poorer stopband attenuation characteristic, and the filter s response at the band edges will be more rounded than with high-Q components. Return loss The measurement, expressed in decibels, of the difference between the signal power sent toward a filter s input and the strength of the RF signal power returned, or reflected, from the input back toward the
Protocol Analysis Protocol Analysis
Myth #4: Electric Vehicles Are Expensive
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The time it takes for Password Manager to recognize a password-protected application and provide its credentials can vary, depending on the user s environment and Password Manager configuration. Some factors that may affect response time are
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I have learned over the years that one of the strongest, most reliable navigational tools that I can count on when I feel lost or when I have veered from my path toward True North boils down to two words: Thank you! If saying thank you doesn t get you back on course in a hurry, nothing will. Maybe you re saying to yourself, what is she talking about What am I supposed to be saying thank you for And to whom am I saying it The answer is, you re saying thank you to a higher power for everything you do have, not focus-
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