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3. Open a new document. Open the Symbol Manager, and then click to open the User
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2. Put the following in the correct order, from high to low: (a) session, (b) presentation, (c) physical, (d) data link, (e) network, (f) application, (g) transport. A. B. C. D. A. B. C. D. c, d, e, g, a, b, f f, a, b, g, d, e, c f, b, g, a, e, d, c f, b, a, g, e, d, c Transport Network Data link Physical
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QuickTime An architecture designed by Apple Computer for presenting different types of digital media, including video, audio, and still images. Raster Scan The pattern in which a video screen is scanned, usually from the upperleft corner to the bottom right. Red Book The original compact disc speci cation designed for the storage and playback of audio information. Subsequent CDROM standards are based on the Red Book standard. Redundancy The addition of data that makes error checking and correction possible when associated with a set of primary data. Redundancy techniques allow the reconstruction of information when a portion of the data is erroneously transferred. Reed-Solomon Code An error correction code that uses algebraic principles to compensate for the types of errors that commonly occur with compact disc data. The Reed-Solomon Code is incorporated in the CIRC error correction region on compact discs. Refresh Rate The number of times per second that a video screen is repainted. NTSC video is shown at 30 frames per second while PAL and SECAM are displayed at 25 frames per second. Replication The physical process of creating multiple copies of compact discs from a
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A 1 BALANCE SHEET 2 Surplus funds plug 3 Current assets 1 4 Current assets 2 5 Long-term assets 6 Total assets (TA) 7 8 Necessary to finance plug 9 Current liabilities 1 10 Current liabilities 2 11 Debt 1 12 Debt 2 13 Debt 3 14 Total liabilities (TL) 15 16 Common stock 17 Retained earnings 18 Shareholders equity (SHE) 19 Total liabs & SH equity 20 21 Debt 1 input 22 Debt 1 before cash sweep 23 24 Debt 2 input 25 Debt 2 before cash sweep 26 27 Debt 3 input 28 Debt 3 before cash sweep 29 30 Assets without SF 31 Total liabs (no NTF, before sweep) 32 Total SH equity 33 Total liabs + SHE (no NTF, bef sweep) 34 Difference (TL+SHE)-TA 35 36 Necessary to finance 37 38 Surplus funds before all cash sweeps 39 Cash sweep of debt 1 40 Cash sweep of debt 2 41 Cash sweep of debt 3 42 Surplus funds after all cash sweeps 43 44 Debt 1 after cash sweep 45 Debt 2 after cash sweep 46 Debt 3 after cash sweep
Appendix: Buyer s Guide to Digital Cameras
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appropriate sales compensation program supports this management model by providing the same reward structure that applies to all team members.
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