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Basic IOS Security Configuration
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Step 5 The Easy VPN server performs XAUTH (user authentication). This is a second level of authentication, since the pre-shared key or certificate is stored on the remote, which can present a security issue. This step is optional, but highly recommended if someone steals a user s laptop, for instance, the thief couldn t bring up the tunnel unless he knew the user s username and password. The Easy VPN server can authenticate the user by using the server s local database or can forward the authentication information to an AAA server for authentication. Step 6 The server uses IKE Client or Mode Config to download policy and configuration information to the remote. The IPSec standard only defines how to assign addressing information to the remote. Cisco supports many other policy and configuration parameters that you can optionally assign to the remote. Step 7 In the last step of Phase 1, the Reverse Route Injection (RRI) process can optionally take place. This is a Cisco-proprietary feature. With RRI, the server creates a static route for the internal IP address (a host route) that was assigned to the remote. This can be advertised by the server to internal routers and devices so that they know which Easy VPN server a particular remote is connected to.
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Biophysics is an advanced science. It requires some basic knowledge of biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. However, since this book is meant as an introduction to biophysics, to demystify biophysics, then as much as possible along the way, I will introduce or review the necessary background information. Still, I do need to make some assumption as to your level of understanding in the physical sciences. For this purpose I will assume that you have had at least an introductory college-level (or advanced high school level) course in physics or
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When a straight or slanted guideline doesn t get you where you want to go, you can make almost any drawing shape into a guideline; in fact, you can also turn a guide into a drawing object. To do this, you use the Object Manager docker to move objects between layers. Moving any object to the Guides layer makes, for all intents and purposes, a guideline, with all the same properties as a typical guideline, except you might call it a guide-curve or a guide-spiral! After an object becomes a guideline, objects and anything you draw in its proximity snap to it, as long as the Snap To Guidelines option is active. You owe it to yourself to check out this feature; think of the artwork you can clean up and refine when you re tracing over the original with a drawing tool that snaps to the original. Traveling in the opposite direction, moving any guideline to a different layer automatically makes it a printable object. To move an object to the Guides layer, use these steps:
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Number of MSU octets over a time interval Number of occurrences of each type of LSSU over a time interval Number of FIB/BIB inversions over a time interval Number of frames in error over a time interval Duration of unavailability over a time interval Duration of oscillating status over a time interval Number of link status changes over a time period when the link is oscillating Count of SLTM MSUs over a time interval Count of SLTA MSUs over a time interval SLC value in last SLTM message Current channel state for each channel Number of MSUs excluding SLTs over a time period
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Because idle( ) is a friend of both C1 and C2 it has access to the private status member defined by both classes. Thus, a single call to idle( ) can simultaneously check the status of an object of each class.
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executes, the area-per-person of the house object is stored in areaPP. Notice that AreaPerPerson( ) now has a return type of int. This means that it will return an integer value to the caller. The return type of a method is important because the type of data returned by a method must be compatible with the return type specified by the method. Thus, if you want a method to return data of type double, then its return type must be type double.
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SS7 Signaling Monitoring Systems SS7 Signaling Monitoring Systems 773
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With all the needed values &/dt can be evaluated. Watch the signs closely. 2(5.4) + 4
Protocol Analysis Protocol Analysis 549
blurred, or you can use a slow shutter speed, with its own risk of blur inducted by camera movement. If you have a choice, go with the larger aperture rather than too slow a shutter. My personal experience is that I ve ruined more photos because of a shaky camera than too shallow a depth of field.
Creates a new .c file. Creates a new component or object. Creates a new DOS-based console application. This wizard will be used later in this chapter to help develop a console application. Creates a new .cpp file. Creates a data module. This is a special form for organizing different data modules within one tool. Creates a DLL file or application. Creates a blank form for the current project. Creates a new frame for the current project. Creates a new .h or .hpp file. Creates a library file or .lib file. Creates a new package and adds it to the project. Creates a super project group that groups related projects together. By having multiple projects together in one super group, you can create all the projects with one command. Creates a new text file.
Neutral (White) Grounding (Green or Bare)
CASE 112
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