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SSL VPNs: Clientless
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BinaryWriter(new FileStream("inventory.dat", FileMode.Create)); } catch(IOException exc) { Console.WriteLine("Cannot Open Inventory File For Output"); Console.WriteLine("Reason: " + exc.Message); return; } // Write some inventory data to the file. try { dataOut.Write("Hammers"); dataOut.Write(10); dataOut.Write(3.95); dataOut.Write("Screwdrivers"); dataOut.Write(18); dataOut.Write(1.50); dataOut.Write("Pliers"); dataOut.Write(5); dataOut.Write(4.95); dataOut.Write("Saws"); dataOut.Write(8); dataOut.Write(8.95); } catch(IOException exc) { Console.WriteLine("Error Writing Inventory File"); Console.WriteLine("Reason: " + exc.Message); } finally { dataOut.Close(); } Console.WriteLine(); // Now, open inventory file for reading. try { dataIn = new BinaryReader(new FileStream("inventory.dat", FileMode.Open)); } catch(IOException exc) { Console.WriteLine("Cannot Open Inventory File For Input"); Console.WriteLine("Reason: " + exc.Message); return; } // Look up item entered by user. Console.Write("Enter item to look up: "); string what = Console.ReadLine(); Console.WriteLine(); try { for(;;) { // Read an inventory entry.
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The COBIT framework is ideal for those looking for a comprehensive framework to outline how IT goals and processes align with business goals, what processes IT should consider implementing, and related control objectives. COBIT nicely ties general business goals to IT goals with the use of a balanced scorecard. This allows one to see which IT processes are key in supporting specific IT goals and, ultimately, business goals. For personnel who are implementing or evaluating a process, the COBIT framework provides an overview of general processes utilized to manage IT. Each process in COBIT includes key activities, control objectives, and metrics that should be in place. COBIT is one of the most comprehensive and widely used frameworks available, which equates to the development of additional research and documentation being available. ITG has developed an extensive line of documentation, including that which would be of interest to the security professional: COBIT Security Baseline and control mappings of ISO 27001 and NIST to COBIT. See the ISACA web site for more details on COBIT documentation.
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Check the seller s feedback rating. Before you place even one bid,
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DECODE (@Select(Class\Object),'if_a','then_b')
Deciding on an Application
boolean IsTime(any_datatype input_parameter)
termination The process of discontinuing employment of an employee or contractor. terrorist A person or group who perpetrates violence for political or religious reasons.
IPSec Remote Access Server
requirements Formal statements that describe required (and desired) characteristics of a system that is to be built or acquired. residual risk The risk that remains after being reduced through other risk treatment options. response document Required action of personnel after a disaster strikes. Includes business recovery plan, occupant emergency plan, emergency communication plan, contact lists, disaster recovery plan, continuity of operations plan (COOP), and security incident response plan (SIRP). responsibility A stated expectation of activities and performance. return on investment (ROI) The ratio of money gained or lost as compared to an original investment. Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP) A TCP/IP link layer protocol that is used by a station that needs to know the IP address that has been assigned to it. RARP has been largely superseded by DHCP. See also Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). reverse engineering The process of analyzing a system to see how it functions, usually as a means for developing a similar system. Reverse engineering is usually not permitted when it is applied to commercial software programs. ring topology A network topology where connections are made from one station to the next, in a complete loop. RISC (reduced instruction set computer) A central processing unit design that uses a smaller instruction set, which leads to simpler microprocessor design. See also central processing unit. risk Generally, the fact that undesired events can happen that may damage property or disrupt operations; specifically, an event scenario that can result in property damage or disruption. risk acceptance The risk treatment option where management chooses to accept the risk as-is. risk analysis The process of identifying and studying risks in an organization. risk assessment A process where risks, in the form of threats and vulnerabilities, are identified for each asset. risk avoidance The risk treatment option involving a cessation of the activity that introduces identified risk. risk management The management activities used to identify, analyze, and treat risks. risk mitigation The risk treatment option involving implementation of a solution that will reduce an identified risk.
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displacement relations. Resulting sets of linear equations can be solved as banded matrices or by Gaussian elimination. Curved and skew beams may contribute to compressive membrane forces, especially in the vicinity of slab boundaries. By incorporating the true stress distribution in a slab, it may be possible to reduce its thickness and the percentage of reinforcing bars in transverse and longitudinal directions, resulting in overall economy in design. With in-depth parametric study, recommendations on deck design and supporting beams can be made for future design codes. Thick slab effects: It is assumed that for arching action to develop, a slab is thin compared to its span (typically L/h 40). However, when girder spacing is small, say 5 ft, and the thickness of the slab is 12 inches. Most studies for arching action were for thin building slabs, such as 4 inches thick spanning over 15 feet with L/h ratio 15/0.33 45. L/h ratio 5 only. Deep beam effect would occur. Thin plate theory is no longer applicable. For nite element analysis, the use of special elements needs to be considered. Nonlinear stress distribution across thickness will result. The arching effect due to stiff boundaries and the eccentric connection of the slab and beam will be better known.
4. Properties of concrete Usually the same concrete is used as for deck slabs, with fc values between 4.0 and 5.0 ksi. This helps in rapid construction. 5. Thermal expansion and contraction Longitudinal and transverse joints are provided at regular intervals. The edges of slab joints are armored. The S. P. Timoshenko and Woinowsky-Krieger Theory of Plates and Shells proposes the following mathematical method for elastic subgrade reaction for soil spring stiffness k: Lagrange general biharmonic equation for plate bending may be written as: D ( 4w/ x4) Dividing by D, ( 4w/ x4) ( 4w/ 2x y2) ( 4w/ y4) (q/D wk/D) (4.14b) 2D ( 4w/ 2x y2) D( 4w/ y4) (q wk) (4.14a)
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