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Up to 16 million (224) individual EVCs can traverse the backbone core. (More, if you are willing to accept the headache caused by spatial reuse of identifiers.) Each of the 4094 EVCs in a given provider bridge network is translated to one of the 16M backbone instances at the edge of the backbone network. Those EVCs are, in turn, tunneled inside an outer encapsulation that enables the backbone network to see only tunnels containing 1 or 1000s of EVCs, instead of seeing individual EVCs. An EVC can be connected in an arbitrary fashion to any number of provider bridge networks, and each provider bridged network s VID is independent of any other cloud s VID. Alternatively, two provider bridge networks, C1 and C2 in Figure 13.1, can tunnel through the backbone cloud using a single 16M backbone EVC. In this case, clouds C1 and C2 are in the same logical relationship as clouds F and G; they are simply using the backbone cloud, instead of a physical link, for their connectivity.
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#include <iostream> using namespace std; class figure { protected: double x, y; public: void set_dim(double i, double j) { x = i; y = j; } virtual void show_area() { cout << "No area computation defined "; cout << "for this class.\n"; } } ; class triangle : public figure { public: void show_area() { cout << "Triangle with height "; cout << x << " and base " << y; cout << " has an area of "; cout << x * 0.5 * y << ".\n"; } }; class square : public figure { public: void show_area() { cout << "Square with dimensions "; cout << x << "x" << y; cout << " has an area of "; cout << x * y << ".\n";
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As detailed in earlier, EoF and EoWDM can only furnish full-rate connections and cannot (in isolation at least) support subrate or switched Ethernet services. leaving a
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The positive values in nums: 1 3 5 Setting nums[1] to 99. The positive values in nums after change: 1 99 3 5
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Table 4.3 shows a comparative study of full composite action as discussed earlier in Section 4.6.3. Figure 4.8 shows the bending moment and shear force distribution in an element of a deck slab. Simpli ed formulation of a theoretical model can either be based on the classical plate and shell theory using a differential equations approach or by using a nite element model that would allow for bending and in-plane forces. Boundary conditions can be developed as equilibrium, compatibility, stress-strain, and strainTable 4.3 A comparative study of full composite action in R.C. slabs with rectangular beams. De ection at Midspan of Slab Relative Slab: Beam Stiffness 0 (Beamless Deck) 1 (Elastic Beams) 4 (Elastic Beams) Poisson s Galerkin Ratio Series 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.0257 0.0117 0.0067 0.0041 Khan 0.0262 0.0119 0.0068 0.0041 Bending Moment at Midspan Galerkin Series 0.1109 0.0691 0.0539 0.0460 Khan 0.1106 0.0684 0.0532 0.0451 Bending Moment at Support Galerkin Series 0.1527 0.0559 0.0117 0 Khan 0.1514 0.0558 0.0195 0
No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
varying widths. This means you can use the Property Bar options to make your path begin with an arrowhead, make the line a dashed line, and change the stroke width.
class MoreThreads { static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Main thread starting."); // Construct MyThread mt1 MyThread mt2 MyThread mt3 three = new = new = new threads. MyThread("Child #1"); MyThread("Child #2"); MyThread("Child #3");
type of coax. Removing an end cap will generate continuous collisions because of signal reflections back toward the origin. A good cable checker will show length, as well as reflections caused by crimps. Remember also that adding devices on coax requires a certain minimum spacing between devices. Other problems can occur when a card or transceiver fails. If a problem goes away when a particular device is shut down, the problem source is well on its way to identification. Likewise, reboot printers and server before bringing out the analyzer, to see if the problem is a transient software anomaly and clears up. Protocol-level problems generally require a protocol analyzer. For LANs with repeating devices (e.g., standard 10Base-T), each cable is an isolated physical fault domain. The protocol layers will affect the entire network. If a problem is isolated to a single cable/user, look for physical problems. For a twistedpair hub, or a Token-Ring MAU, the light on the device next to the cable will give an immediate indication of cable failure. Token-Ring will isolate physical problems and drop the offending device out of the ring. Hubs generally recover very quickly after resetting, so if you suspect that the hub has locked up, a quick reset might bring it back. If the trouble spans all cables in a coax environment, however, or involves multiple hubs, then it probably is a protocol problem. One exception to this occurs if the Ethernet specs are exceeded with regard to the number of repeaters in a connection: A maximum of three is allowed before you need a bridge or a router. In bridged LANs, broadcast problems escalate, passing through the bridge transparently and affecting the entire network. If you have performance problems with your LAN, connect an analyzer and look at the broadcast levels. A rule of thumb for an Ethernet is fewer than 100 broadcasts per second. If you see broadcasts spiking every 30 seconds or so, you probably have broadcast storms. Use the protocol analyzer to evaluate the problem. One cause of broadcast storms is a failed network interface card that has a source address of all Fs. It might be possible to isolate this if the IP address is still intact. Routed LANs almost certainly require an analyzer to find problems. A common cause of problems is duplicate IP addresses from improperly configured PCs. This is avoidable through good configuration control. An analyzer will only see traffic that is routed to a specific subnet; unlike a bridged or repeated network, you are only viewing a portion of the network. IP routing messages are transmitted via the ICMP protocol. This can be a rich source of information if you are encountering problems reaching a node. Install a capture filter in your analyzer to capture all ICMP traffic. Of course, the most widely used tool to determine whether an end node is reached and alive is the ICMP echo message, also known in IP as a ping. (There are equivalents in DECnet, AppleTalk, and others.) Ping will verify that the network routing is intact, and that the destination card is alive and responding. It will not give you any information about what is happening above the card; the server might be locked up completely, but the network card is alive. Managing across the entire routed network requires the use of distributed monitors, such as RMON probes.
// Demonstrate the switch using a simple "help" program. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int choice; cout cout cout cout << << << << "Help on:\n\n"; "1. for\n"; "2. if\n"; "3. switch\n\n";
The type of i is: int The type of f is: float The type of ob is: class myclass The types of i and j are the same The types of i and f are not the same
A Matter of Style
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D T N example, a couple who lives in a 3000-square-foot home, complete with expensiveto-maintain furnishings, landscaping, and property, might consider downsizing to a luxury two-bedroom condo to be a simple, less stressful, better way to live. Another couple may be quite comfortable with the materially rich life that they ve earned, but may feel the need to simplify in a different way perhaps through connecting to and exploring their religious or spiritual interests at a deeper level. For this couple, living more simply might involve spending less time at work and making a greater time commitment to their community, church, or synagogue. Or it might mean volunteering to work with Habitat for Humanity or Junior Achievement. At some point, this couple might even want to put their life on hold, take a sabbatical, and join the Peace Corps for 2 years. Doing so wouldn t require that they relinquish all their worldly possessions; they would just have to carve out a chunk of time that would enable them to gain the inner fulfillment they are seeking and then incorporate those experiences into their daily lives upon their return. Then there are people who view a simpler lifestyle as meaning a way to connect with Mother Earth. One couple I know moved to a farm in Wisconsin so that they could live off the land. They love it there, but that doesn t mean that they don t use electricity and all the other modern conveniences that make life s chores more manageable. Another friend of mine sees simple living as her small Greenwich Village studio apartment, in the heart of New York City, with just a few pieces of thrift-store furniture. My friend contends that a humble lifestyle is the trade-off for her being able to afford to live in the city she loves most. For many people, yearning for simplicity leads to making simple changes changes that can enhance life almost immediately. These things may include job sharing, developing stronger intimacy with family and friends, or celebrating holidays in a less stressful fashion by putting limits on gift giving and spending, or they may involve taking what could have been a devastating situation and turning it into something adventurous and meaningful. Here s a personal story that I d like to share with you.
Storing User-Defined Classes in Collections
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