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The main user interface of the console consists of three panes: The scope pane contains the console tree. The task pane (in the middle) displays administrative tasks and tools. This pane is typically not present in other MMC snap-ins. The details pane (on the right) displays items and information associated with the selected node in the console tree.
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IPv6 Con guration
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Common classes of biomolecules and their roles.
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State-of-the-art fiber optic systems operate at 2.4 Gbps and 10 Gbps. For comparison, note that one 10 Gbps link can carry 160,000 telephone calls (each requiring 64 kilobits bandwidth)! At the same time, research laboratories around the world are developing multi-Gbps components and systems that have potential for terabit per second communications links, expected by the late 1990s. With more users and computers connecting via the Internet, there will be increasing demands on the bandwidth and data rates of global and metropolitan communications networks. Higher-capacity long-haul networks (>10 Gbps) are needed. This can be accomplished by increasing the modulation rates of the optical sources and using time division multiplexing (TDM) techniques, or by developing wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) networks capable of carrying multiple wavelengths on the same fiber, each operating at multi-Gbps data rates.
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Indeterminate Forms
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Data Plane Encapsulations
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NOTE You cannot delete an object group that is currently being referenced by another appliance command, such as a nested reference or the access-list command.
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When you are cabling up your network components, various types of topologies can be used. A topology defines how the components are connected. Figure 1-1 shows examples of topologies that different media types use. A point-to-point topology has a single connection between two components. In this topology, two components can directly communicate without interference from other components. These types of connections are not common when many components need to be connected together. An example of a point-to-point topology is two routers connected across a dedicated WAN circuit. In a star topology, a central device has many point-to-point connections to other components. Star topologies are used in environments in which many components need to be connected. An example of a media type that uses a star topology is 10BaseT Ethernet. When connecting components together, you connect your computers to a hub or switch (the center of the star). The main problem with a star topology is that if the center of the star fails, no components can communicate with each other. To solve this problem, an extended star topology can be used. An extended star topology is basically multiple interconnected star topologies.
Security, Monitoring, and Management
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