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Verifying Public Keys It is possible for a user to claim the identity of another and even publish a public key that claims the identity of the other party. Three methods are available for verifying a user s public key as genuine. Certificate authority A public key that has been obtained from a trusted, reputable certificate authority can be considered genuine. E-mail address Public keys used for e-mail will include the user s e-mail address. If the e-mail address is a part of a corporate or government domain (for example, or, then some level of credence can be attributed to the successful exchange of messages with that e-mail address. However, since e-mail addresses can be spoofed, this should be considered a weak method at best. Key fingerprint Many public key cryptosystems employ a method for verifying a key s identity, known as the key s fingerprint. If a user wishes to verify a public key, the user retrieves the public key and calculates the key s fingerprint. The user then contacts the claimed owner of the public key, who runs a function against his private key that returns a string of numbers. The user also runs a function against the owner s public key, also returning a string of numbers. If both numbers match, the public key is genuine. NOTE When verifying a public key, it is essential that the purported owner of the public key be authenticated, such as by viewing a government-issued ID or by contacting the owner at a publicly listed telephone number.
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Personal wireless devices Wireless devices that are used between buildings (for voice, data, and video)
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Figures 26.23 and 26.24 show the architecture for a 3 Gbps pattern generator and error detector. Because of the high bit rate, it is not practical to implement the PRBS and word generation directly in serial form. Instead, the patterns are generated as parallel 16-bit words at a maximum rate of 200 Mbps, where shift registers and highcapacity memory can be implemented using bipolar technology. (The high-speed circuitry normally would use gallium arsenide ICs.) The high-speed multiplexer (using a pyramid of SPDT switches shown in Figure 26.25) converts the parallel data to a serial stream at rates up to 3 Gbps.
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v*(h) = velocity curve for any lift curve with unit rise and unit rise angle V = Fourier transform of v V*(l) = Fourier transform of v*(h) w = an admissible cam velocity curve W = Fourier transform of admissible cam velocity curve w y = cam curve displacement y*(h) = displacement curve for any cam lift curve with unit rise and unit rise angle Y = Fourier transform of y Y*(l) = Fourier transform of y*(h) Z = dynamic error of the follower response b = cam rise angle l = parameter for Fourier transforms of functions q = cam angle of rotation w = cam rotational speed wn = natural frequency of the one degree-of-freedom elastic follower model
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Grant Imahara and Deadblow (continued)
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ciscoasa# debug icmp trace ICMP trace on Warning: this may cause problems on busy networks ciscoasa# 1: ICMP echo request (len 32 id 2 seq 256) > 2: ICMP echo reply (len 32 id 2 seq 256) > <--output omitted-->
Figure 9-8
Plane Management Layer Management Control Plane User Plane
8. Setting Priorities
Screening and Background Checks
Figure 27.1 A portable protocol analyzer.
Optical wireless technology is not without its limitations, and because of these limitations, there are applications where this solution does not make sense. One such limitation is the dependency of its performance on weather conditions. As was discussed, FSO links can experience severe attenuation during heavy fog conditions, and the degree of such attenuation is a function of link distance, with longer links experiencing more outage than shorter links. Therefore, FSO technology does not make sense in applications where link lengths are fairly long. For example, links that are shorter than 100 m can achieve 100 percent availability, whereas links that are more than 1 km cannot be guaranteed to achieve 100 percent link availability. Based on the type of FSO system and local weather conditions, such links can be expected to achieve availability between 95 percent and 99 percent. Therefore, optical wireless mesh technology is not well suited for applications requiring long-range reach. FSO links also require direct line-of-sight (LOS). Therefore, FSO technology by itself is not well suited for applications that do not have direct LOS. This limitation, however, is overcome by the mesh technology whereby communication with locations that are not in LOS can be achieved by hopping through another location(s). However, this still requires indirect LOS between the two points. Optical wireless mesh cannot achieve true NLOS communication as some RF technologies can. Therefore, in applications requiring true NLOS, FSO and optical wireless mesh technologies do not make sense.
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