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Resolutions of Earlier Problems
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1. Cervical conization: used for women with stage Ia1 with no involvement of the lymphovascular space who wish to preserve fertility 2. Radical trachelectomy: involves surgical removal of the cervix and parametria and placement of a cerclage, and can be combined with a laparoscopic or open diagnostic/therapeutic lymphadenectomy with para-aortic lymph node sampling; used for women with stage Ia1 with involvement of the lymphovascular space, stage Ia2 or Ib1 disease who wish to preserve fertility 3. Radical hysterectomy: used for premenopausal women with early stage (up to stage IIa) cervical cancer who wish to preserve ovarian function 4. Chemoradiotherapy alone: used for women with stage Ia, Ib, or IIa cancer who are poor surgical candidates or who decline a surgical approach Chemoradiotherapy versus surgery for Ib2 is controversial 5. Chemoradiotherapy and hysterectomy: women with advanced disease. Can be done via: a. Chemoradiotherapy followed by hysterectomy b. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by hysterectomy and, if indicated, radiation
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Part 2: Bonus Schedule
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cause these F D s imply that the combination o f StdSSN and Email is the determinant. Thus, y o u should write F D s so that the LHS does not contain unneeded c o l u m n s . The prohibition against unneeded columns for determinants is the same as the prohibition against unneeded columns in candidate keys. Both determinants and candidate keys must be minimal.
FIGURE 2 3 Phases of Database Development
j Make sure the highlighted color is different enough from the unhighlighted color
List of alternative words Range to check
// Find the smallest factor of a value. using System; class FindSmallestFactor { static void Main() { int factor = 1; int num = 1000; for(int i=2; i <= num/i; i++) { if((num%i) == 0) { factor = i; break; // stop loop when factor is found } } Console.WriteLine("Smallest factor is " + factor); } }
Since the foreach loop can only cycle through an array sequentially, from start to finish, you might think that its use is limited. However, this is not true. A large number of algorithms require exactly this mechanism, of which one of the most common is searching. For example, the following program uses a foreach loop to search an array for a value. It stops if the value is found.
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the object in step 3. For example, if Home page was the bookmark name you used, you would see an entry like this: _PAGE1#Home page, as shown in Figure 29-2. You can also enter a fully qualified URL in the Internet Address field to link to the bookmark. The URL would take the form of the web page s address, followed by a pound (#) sign and then the bookmark name. For example, a website s home page is usually named index.html. So a bookmark named picture on the index.html page would be typed in as http://www.mysite/index.html#picture.
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